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Farming Simulator
Farming Simulator 2013
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September 6th, 2013
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September 6th, 2013
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Giants Software
Focus Home Entertainment
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0 of 1166 Games
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Also available on Xbox 360. Original version of Farming Simulator 2013 available on PC.

About Farming Simulator

Farming Simulator brings all the features of its PC counterpart, Farming Simulator 2013, to home consoles for the first time. In addition to enjoying all content in the PC release, Farming Simulator on PS3 and Xbox 360 also includes a wealth of extras, such as a new North American environment and new vehicles.



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An original idea that takes a turn for the worse. No strategy, depth or replayability in a game that forces the player to drive and watch the grass grow for hours on end.

We like

  • Bold attempt to make a farming game

We dislike

  • No strategy or opposing farmers to compete with
  • No world building
  • Literally watching the grass grow

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Ah, the simple life. 5.00 a.m. wake-ups, 12-hour days of seeding and threshing fields, and then the long weeks and months of waiting to reap what is sown. Welcome to the farming life in Farming Simulator on the PlayStation 3…just without the cow manure. As the name of the title suggests this is a farming simulator game. There are lots of sim games ranging from hospitals and prisons to schools and even life, so why not ...

Farming Simulator News

  • Farming Simulator PS3 release date announced

    Focus Home Entertainment has stapled-gunned a September 4 release date to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Farming Simulator. The agriculture-‘em-up has proven a massive hit across the globe on PC, selling millions of copies since its inception some years back. Developed by Gi...

  • Prepare for Farming Simulator with this summer-themed trailer

    Farming Simulator has received a new summer-based trailer from developer Giants Software for your consumption. The tractor-‘em-up makes its console debut on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this September, complete with heaps of new features such as all-new areas and machines to plough to your he...

  • Farming Simulator gets debut console screens

    Focus Home Entertainment has dropped off the first couple of screenshots for the upcoming home console edition of Farming Simulator. Harvest them below (in other words, click for full size). Farming Simulator is based off the original PC title Farming Simulator 2013, and in addition to featu...

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