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Game of Thrones
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May 15th, 2012
Release Date (UK):
June 8th, 2012
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Focus Home Interactive
M [Mature]
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0 of 1166 Games
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About Game of Thrones

The game narrates the journey of two characters: Mors Westford, a veteran ranger of the Night's Watch, and Alester Sarwyck, a red-robed priest of R'hllor who returns home after a 15-year absence following the death of his father and becomes instantly embroiled in the politics of court. They will cross during their adventures the characters and events of A Song of Ice and Fire.



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Game of Thrones is a distinctly average affair plagued by poor visuals and monotonous combat.

We like

  • Quest system feels natural
  • Gameplay is decently diverse
  • Decent looking environments

We dislike

  • Terrible graphical quality
  • Dull, draggy combat
  • Mini-map is hindering

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It’s hard to mention Game of Thrones without saying “trend.” With that in mind, it’s also not surprising to see a game based on the popular story. If you’ve been a gamer for more than five minutes, you know that games inspired by cinematography are usually very terrible. I can’t really say that the Game of Thrones game is terrible, but I most definitely can’t say that it’s good. ...

Game of Thrones News

  • Game of Thrones release date announced

    TV tie-in Game of Thrones will launch on PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360 in the U.K. on June 8, 2012, Koch Media has announced. The RPG’s release date puts it in close proximity to the second season finale of the TV show, which airs on June 3. Developed by Cyanide Studios, Game of Throne...

  • Game of Thrones trophy list

    Are you looking for a trophy guide or list for Game Of Thrones? Are you a gaming veteran who could lend their expertise to show others how to unlock certain trophies? Well, look no further than PSU’s trophy portal where you’ll find complete trophy lists for all of the major games. You c...

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