Killzone: Mercenary Previews

  • Killzone Mercenary Preview: The console-quality Vita shooter you've been waiting for

    Killzone Mercenary isn't just a worthy successor to the Killzone name. In some ways, it's an even better game. And it's only on PlayStation Vita. I don't write these words lightly. Killzone 2 is among my favorite shooters of all time. Killzone 3, while missing some of the second game's poignant da...

  • Killzone Mercenary Preview: shooting for supremacy

    Guerrilla Cambridge’s Killzone: Mercenary has a lot riding on it. As one of PlayStation’s tent pole franchises, this latest entry in the sci-fi FPS series not only has to live up to its console brethren and please an army of loyal fans, but crucially, deliver the all-important triple-A P...

  • Hands-on with Killzone Mercenary, PS Vita's first benchmark shooter

    When I think of first-person-shooters on PlayStation Vita, the image of a cinematic, enthralling, and console-quality experience is not what appears in my head. Rather, I see bite-sized missions, cramped gameplay, and artistic compromises. Killzone Mercenary has none of these things. After hands...

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