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  • Community Opinion: Spec Ops: The Line is as subtle as a sandstorm, and far from a thoughtful critique

    The surreal ruins of a contemporary Dubai is reason to at least give Spec Ops: The Line a shot. An oasis of modernity and cosmopolitan civilization completely ravaged by a violent turn of sandstorms and war - it’s a captivating piece of fiction. Repelling down Dubai's glass skyscrapers in glin...

  • PS3 Game of the Month: June 2012

    We don’t know how things are across the pond right now, but over here in good ‘ol Blighty, it’s been the wettest June on record, flash floods are sweeping the region, and if you have a butcher’s outside your window the sky is coated in a perpetual grey blanket. Ah, the Britis...

  • 2K Games interview: Nolan North 'flexes his muscles' in Spec Ops: The Line

    In our most recent interview, Joseph Fait spoke with Cory Davis, the Lead Designer at 2K Games, about what players have to look forward to in Spec Ops: the Line. Davis also touches on the inspirations of the story and what Nolan North brought to the table in his voice acting performance. PlayStat...

  • Review Roundup: Spec Ops: The Line

    Can a new IP step into a modern militaristic, brown and gray environment and still feel new and fresh? These are the problems -- or perceptions, at least -- that 2K’s Spec Ops: The Line was up against, and by the looks of it, has overcome. In our review, we said that Spec Ops: The Line might ...

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