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Ultra Street Fighter IV
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One on One
Release Date (US):
June 2014
Release Date (UK):
June 2014
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0 of 1166 Games
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Also available on PC and Xbox 360.

About Ultra Street Fighter IV

Ultra Street Fighter IV includes new characters, stages and existing DLC costumes in a single package. The game will be released at retail and as a digital download upgrade to existing SFIV owners.



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Ultra Street Fighter IV refines Capcom's celebrated brawler to within an inch of its life with some great additions, making it a must-have for any hardcore fan.

We like

  • The new characters are great
  • Balance tweaks and various additions deepen the game's combat system
  • The most substantial SFIV update yet

We dislike

  • Various content is reused from Street Fighter x Tekken
  • Casual fans may not appreciate some of the more subtle additions

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Capcom’s Street Fighter IV is often noted for reinvigorating the hardcore beat-’em-up video game scene in the many years following the release of its predecessor. Originally released in 2009, the seminal brawler wowed critics with its lush visuals, diverse character roster, and comprehensive moves set; unsurprising, then, that it’s gone down as the greatest fighting game of the PS3 era. Keen to exploit its po...

Ultra Street Fighter IV News

  • Ultra Street Fighter 4 punching its way onto PS4 -- rumor

    Rumors are rapidly gathering pace that Capcom’s Ultra Street Fighter IV is headed to PayStation 4. The beat-’em-up, which is an upgrade to Super Street Fighter IV/Arcade Edition featuring new characters and other bits and bobs, was mentioned for Sony’s new home console in an ad ...

  • Ultra Street Fighter 4 launch trailer kicks you in the face with spectacle

    Capcom has roundhouse-kicked a launch trailer for Ultra Street Fighter IV in our direction for your viewing pleasure. Due out this week as a digital download upgrade and physical release, USFIV introduces a number of balance changes, six new stages, and five new combatants. These include Rolento,...

  • Ultra Street Fighter 4 for PS4 hinted at by series producer?

    Yoshinori Ono, the eccentric producer of the Street Fighter series, has given a possible hint that the latest incarnation of Street Fighter 4, Ultra Street Fighter 4, is coming to the PlayStation 4. Ono likes to use twitter to post all kinds of pictures with his signature Blanka figure in them, and...

  • Ultra Street Fighter 4 release date announced

    Capcom has announced that Ultra Street Fighter IV will be released digitally for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in summer 2014. The beat-‘em-up expansion adds five characters to the SFIV roster, along with six new stages and a rebalanced gameplay system. In total, players will be able to ge...

  • Yoshinori Ono doesn't want Street Fighter to end with SFIV, hints at F2P future

    Speaking during an interview with 4Gamer, Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono has revealed he’s keen to see the Street Fighter franchise continue beyond the critically-acclaimed fourth instalment in the beat-‘em-up series. Once again, Ono-san cited available funds and staff as the main obsta...

  • Ultra Street Fighter IV's new characters get the trailer treatment

    A new trailer for Ultra Street Fighter IV has been released by Capcom for your viewing pleasure, focusing on a number of the brawler’s new combatants. Of the five new characters planned, four of them are featured in the trailer below: Rolento, Poison, Hugo and Elena. The fifth fighter remai...

  • Capcom has no plans for PS4 version of Ultra Street Fighter IV

    Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono has revealed that there are no plans to bring the upcoming Ultra Street Fighter IV to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U. Writing on Twitter, the celebrated games designer confirmed the game is only slated for release on current-generation systems and PC. &...

  • Capcom teases Ultra Street Fighter IV's mysterious new fighter

    Capcom has revealed that Ultra Street Fighter IV’s mysterious fifth brawler is not a returning character in the series – in fact, the combatant hasn’t ever appeared in a beat-‘em-up title until now. Speaking to the Jace Hall Show (via Shoryuken), Capcom’s senior prod...

  • Street Fighter V rumors shot down by Capcom

    Street Fighter legend Yoshinori Ono has poured cold water over rumors that Capcom is secretly chiselling away on Street Fighter V for next-generations systems. Writing on Twitter, fan-favourite Ono-san confirmed that he sadly doesn’t have the necessary budget to get the project off the grou...

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