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Worms Collection
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August 31st, 2012
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August 31st, 2012
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Also available on Xbox 360.

About Worms Collection

Worms Collection features three titles from the classic trigger-happy strategy series, including Worms, Worms: Ultimate Mayhem and Worms 2: Armageddon.



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Worms is a great game of strategy but, for us, the nostalgia has worn off. Do we really need three Worms games packaged together?

We like

  • Tons of content across the three games, including all the DLC.
  • Level design and unique weapon set are superb
  • An entertaining multiplayer experience with friends

We dislike

  • Worms in its current form feels a bit stale. We've played it death over the years
  • Armageddon is the highlight and you could just download that from PSN
  • We have no friends who want to play multiplayer any more, and that's the best thing about Worms

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 Like a parliament of owls, Team 17 has been dining out on Worms for many, many years (15 to be exact) and there’s no sign of the Yorkshire-based studio taking its foot of the dynamite detonator just yet. The latest iteration, Worms Collection, follows the popular trend of grouping a bunch of games that have already been released together with all their DLC and then packaging it up in a new, swanky-looking box and f...

Worms Collection News

  • Worms Collection release date announced

    Worms Collection will be slithering into shops from late August, Mastertronic has revealed. The Xbox 360 release will be available on August 31, while the PlayStation 3 release arrives slightly later on September 7 For those out of the loop, Worms Collection offers three classic titles in the ...

  • Worms Collection announced

    Worms Collection will be slithering onto PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 later this summer, publisher Mastertronic has announced. The bundle includes three games in the venerable explosive strategy franchise, namely the 1995 eponymous original, Worms: Ultimate Mayhem and Worms 2: Armageddon. Not only ...

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