Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 Interview

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(continued from previous page) offering the most robust and detailed creation tool available, as this year we’re offering nearly 1,400 unique Create-A-Superstar parts. In fact, fans can not only expect a slew of new parts to customize their Superstar with, but we’ve also overhauled the interface, making it easier than ever for players to quickly jump in and create any character they can imagine.

PSU: With Chris Benoit once playing a big part in SvR 2008 and now having to take him completely out of the game, how has this affected development and what are your thoughts on his removal from the video game?

Without getting into too many specifics, each year we work hand in hand with the WWE to deliver the most current roster possible. With the WWE television product always changing, it’s up to us to deliver the most accurate and entertaining roster for the fans play with, and this year, I feel we’ve succeeded once again in doing so.

PSU: What is the expected highest resolution for Smackdown vs. Raw 2008? Any plans for going 1080p?

The game this year will be running at 720p, and I can’t say yet whether or not we will be switching to 1080p resolution in future games.

PSU: Will there be a Xbox Live and PlayStation Network demo before the games release and if so when?

Yes. There will be a demo available for download on Xbox Live shortly before the game ships in November, so definitely keep an eye out for that and any further news on the subject.

We would like to thank Dan Ryan once again for interview.

Stay tuned for more coverage on THQ's Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 here at PSU in the near future.

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