[UPDATE] PSU's Black Friday List: PS3 Buyer's Guide

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Black Friday. Otherwise known as the day you stand in line for four hours, in the freezing cold, only to be trampled by hundreds of people as the store doors open and be man-handled by a desperate soccer mom over a $20 item.

To help quell your troubles, PSU.com has compiled a useful holiday list detailing some of the best games and hardware sales currently in effect at retail stores, so you’ll know exactly where to hunt for the best bargains this side of Christmas.

Some of these items will be for sale on the retailers website, so be sure to check the link provided for more details. Keep in mind that the door buster items are limited in numbers so you’ll have to be quick if you want to get your hands on them.

(Updates may occur to the article as the week progresses)

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Hardware and Accessories



Sony HDNA 52' 1080p LCD HDTV - PS3 80GB - Free Installation
Price: $1,999.97
Location: Best Buy
Source (Best Buy ad)






PS3 80GB Bundle w/Ratchet and Clank Future and Casino Royale Blu-ray
Price: $399.99 (Door Buster Item)
Location: Best Buy






PS3 40GB Limited Edition MGS4 Bundle
Price: $399.00
Location: Walmart







PS3 DualShock Wireless Controller
Price: $29.99
Location: Radioshack







SanDisk 4GB Pro Duo
Price: $14.99
Location: Office Depot






PS3 Games


Madden NFL 09
Price: $30.00 (Doorbuster item)
Location: Walmart (opens 5am Black Friday)






NCAA Football 09
Price: $30.00 (Doorbuster item)
Location: Walmart (opens 5am Black Friday)






NBA Live 09
Price: $30.00 (Doorbuster item)
Location: Walmart (opens 5am Black Friday)






Pro Evolution Soccer 2009
Price: $46.99
Location: Amazon.com





Midnight Club Los Angeles
Price: $29.99 ($38.99 at Amazon.com)
Location: Meijer





All-Pro Football 2k8
Price: $9.99
Location: Circut City







Price: $27.99 (+$3.00 shipping)
Location: Costco (non-members - $1.48 surcharge)






Call of Duty 4 - Game of the Year Edition
Price: $39.99
Location: Gamestop





TNA Impact!
Price: $19.99
Location: Gamecrazy






Price: $39.99
Location: Gamecrazy






Far Cry 2
Price: $39.99
Location: Gamecrazy






Dark Sector
Price: $9.99
Location: Gamecrazy






Assassin's Creed
Price: $9.99
Location: Gamecrazy






Price: $39.99
Location: Gamecrazy






Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway
Price: $17.99 (Door Buster Item)
Location: Toys R Us






Soul Calibur IV
Price: $37.99
Location: Best Buy






Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2
Price: $9.99
Location: GameCrazy






Dead Space
Price: $30
Location: Target






Burnout Paradise
Price: $20
Location: Target






Mercenaries 2
Price: $39.99
Location: Target







Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock Bundle with Guitar
Price: $49.99 (Door Buster Item)
Location: Toys R Us





Good luck shoppers; hopefully you get what you are looking for. Stay tuned for our Black Friday Blu-ray Buyer's Guide tonight.

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