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A phoenix is a very special, mythical creature. Mainly because it dies in a burst of flames and is reborn within its ashes. I use this analogy because it’s pretty similar to the Need for Speed franchise and this featured interview. As many of you may have heard, Need for Speed is slowing down to a near halt within the EA library, however, with its death in Undercover, the band From First to Last rises to the occasion in order to be the shining light through the rubble of ash. As you’ve probably figured out by now, From First to Last is the latest bands we’ve had the privilege of interviewing for our Beyond the Game series of features.

In case you’re not familiar with this group of talented individuals, they’re the precise definition of “Gamer Band.” While the band has had its up and downs like any other, including the shuffling of members and crazy tours across different nations, they still came up through the adversity to get to where they are today. You may have heard their music featured in such titles as Madden, FaceBreaker and now, Need for Speed Undercover. It goes without saying that FFTL is the type of group that is here to stay if they have anything to say about it, and believe me, they have a lot to say.
There is no better example to give in regards to their gamer status than the name of one of their latest tours. If by chance you hadn’t heard, it was called, "Rather be Slayin Noobz." I took this opportunity to ask Chris Lent what the meaning behind this tour name was.

“Well, actually, I came up with this title, and it kind of just rolled off the tongue when I was in the middle of an epic online battle. We considered not doing any of the shows and just slaying all the kids that would be coming to the shows in a wide array of games because I’d much rather be in front of a TV then an audience, haha.”

With a tour name like that, it’s hard not to consider this group of musicians, gamers. Continuing on the path of games, I had to find out what it meant to be featured in a historic product like Madden. As I’m sure some of you will agree, it isn’t every day a marquee title can last for 20 years on a year-to-year basis and still sell millions.

“Amazing, it’s kind of unreal that we are getting opportunities like this. To take part in an industry we all love very much and we all indulge in a lot of the time is a great feeling. For Facebreaker, we were promoting it on Warped Tour, so each day we would go to the Facebreaker tent and beat the living hell out of any takers virtually, and I’ve got to tell you it was very fulfilling. Then we were invited to play Maddenpalooza for the release of Madden and that was crazy just being a part of the legendary Madden.”
It’s no secret these guys have no problem beating down anyone on the virtual playing field, whether it’s on Facebreaker or the latest shooter, From First to Last is willing to take on all challengers. In case some of you are wondering which game you need to step up in, I found out which titles Chris enjoys the most.

“Facebreaker is a great game, it’s probably one of the only fighting games I have a good time playing. Usually I’m in a blind rage with any fighting game because I am God awful at them excluding SoulCalibur (only noobs use yoda though). Get me a gun and a first person view and that’s where I shine, haha.”

SoulCalibur, eh? Any SoulCalibur fans out there not noobing it up with Yoda? If so, Chris is looking for the next big challenge coming his way. Unfortunately, we don’t have a PSN ID to throw your way, so you’re going to have to find him yourself in order to deliver an ol’ fashion SC beatdown. Next on our path of FFTL gaming nirvana, I questioned Lent on which of his childhood gaming memories were his favorite.

“MK3 for Windows was a great time, even though I got slayed by my brother every time. You had to go into DOS mode to get Smoke, so awesome. Chuck Rock 2: Son of Chuck for Genesis will always hold a fond place in my heart as well as the early sonic games (Sonic and Knuckles is included in that). The Genesis really kick started my gaming life, I probably played it more than any system that’s come out, and I still whip it out every now and then.”

And of course, to finish everything up as usual, I had to find out which PlayStation title hit home hardest for our new rocker friend. Before I share his answer, I must say that this is no surprise. A ton of individuals always list this as their #1 game of all time and it goes to show that Chris Lent and From First to Last has some gaming class.
“Final Fantasy 7 for sure, it will always be one of the best games ever created.”

We’d like to thank Chris Lent and From First to Last for taking the time to answer some of the questions we had for the group. We’d also like to thank Nettwerk and EA for the opportunity to bring these features to our readers. This is the final installment of Beyond the Game for 2008, so we look forward to starting next year off strong with Bang Camaro. Now, to get to the good stuff, the giveaway!

As you guys may have expected with the other Beyond the Game features, we’re going to be handing out Need For Speed Undercover with a copy of From First to Last’s latest album. While the game may not be that big of a pull for some readers, the album is the cat’s pajamas and every one should own a copy. Unfortunately, we can’t give every one a copy, so we’ll do our best to get two of you a copy.

As before, feel free to leave a comment below to enter. I’ll be using a random number generator in order to pick out a winner. Any one trying to enter more than once will be disqualified. This contest will run until December 28 at 11:59 PM PST.

Enjoy your Holidays, we sure are!


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