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Wickedly funny and diabolically evil, Overlord II may not be a true evolution of the fantasy series, but it still offers a refreshingly entertaining gaming experience.

We like

  • The humorous script and funny behavior of the minions
  • Destroying everything in sight
  • Seeing our wealth grow and customizing our fortress

We dislike

  • The confusing map design
  • Having to gradually unlock the minion classes
  • The eye-aching visuals

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(continued from previous page) ...truly been taken advantage of.

Nevertheless, some of the new features, particularly the addition of mounts, do add a further tactical layer to the gameplay. It's particularly entertaining sending your minions to jump onto the back of a Wolf to leap over a gap, or hop onto a spider to climb a wall. Despite some repetition in the gameplay, the objectives in Overlord II are enjoyably challenging and the puzzles that you have to solve have been well thought out. You can look forward to utilizing the minions to achieve a number of goals, ranging from triggering a catapult and sending a bolder crashing through the town gates, to executing more fundamental tasks such as turning a wheel to open a doorway. Generally, the puzzles involve sending your minions in different directions to work out a way of being able to move on to the next area, usually by destroying something or releasing a mechanism. There's plenty of incentive for exploring as well and doing so is a welcome deviation from attacking monsters and causing carnage. The lure of finding treasure to improve your wealth, or gathering life force to improve your Minions combat skills, is part of that appeal. Then being able to spend that well-earned money by pimping up your Fortress and seeing how your wealth gradually accumulates is a satisfying reward for your efforts.

The enjoyment of exploration is hampered somewhat by the fairly chaotic map design, which can lead to frustration as you go back and forth re-visiting areas in order to try and work out where you need to go. The game is actually very linear and there's usually only one way to progress, but finding the right way can be a struggle. Our path-finding skills weren't helped by the fact that we spent some of our Overlord II experience squinting at the screen. The visuals won't appeal to everyone. The graphics in Overlord II don't look a million miles from the visuals you'd see in a Crash Bandicoot game, with a cartoon style and garish bright colors. Visually, Overlord II certainly doesn't come anywhere near pushing the graphical capabilities of the PS3; quite the opposite, in fact, as it looks more like a high-end PS2 game.

Though we're disappointed with a couple of areas of Overlord II, most notably the confusing map design, the failure to make the most out of the minion classes and some of the regurgitated ideas from the last game, we've thoroughly enjoyed causing havoc across the land. Along the way we've laughed heartily at the minions and their funny antics and gleaned satisfaction from seeing our power and wealth grow. As long as you're not expecting a true evolution of the Overlord series, fans of the minions and new players alike should have a very good time pillaging, savaging and causing misery across the Netherworld. It's good to be evil once in a while.

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