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  • Posted May 23rd, 2011 at 14:29 EDT by Adam Dolge

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L.A. Noire's intriguing character profile, deep interrogation and investigation system, and impeccably detailed facial technology puts this detective thriller in a class of its own.

We like

  • L.A. is highly detailed, atmospheric
  • Terrific casting, motionscan technology
  • Compelling character profile and narrative

We dislike

  • Some cases are slightly disjointed
  • Control issues occasionally hinder action sequences

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(continued from previous page) ...near future, and luckily the game is crafted in such a way that it’ll be easy to slide in a few extra cases. In fact, I can’t wait to see more cases, especially if they add to the story.

There is a narrative that stretches throughout the entirety of the game, but it’s well worth discovering for yourself so I’ve made it a point not to spoil anything. The story has more to do with Cole Phelps, and his personal development, than it does the actual events. Yes, the story drives you forward, but watching Phelps grow and fall, watching him uncover massive cases, and seeing how he reacts in the face of personal trouble makes L.A. Noire more of a case study than a simple narrative.

Push all the hype aside, forget about the incredible new technology, look away from the massive billboards and TV commercials, and go explore the corrupt streets in the city of angels. With its robust investigation and interrogation system, an authentic recreation of 1940s, and an incredible cast of characters, you’ll struggle to find a game that marries action, story, and drama better than L.A. Noire. There will always be a crowd that doesn’t like this style of game, perhaps because it’s too slow or because they want more intense action. L.A. Noire will not sway those gamers, but it is certainly a leap forward in attracting a whole new class of players. Sit back, get comfortable, grab some Scotch, and sport a fedora because you will be sucked into L.A. Noire, and it’ll keep you inside for a long, long time. 

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