Yu Suzuki on Shenmue: 'We can get the license from Sega'

YsNet boss and dev legend Yu Suzuki has said that his company might be in for a shot at nabbing the rights to Shenmue from SEGA.

Chatting with Shenmuemaster.fr, Suzuki-san revealed that while the Japanese giant currently owns the IP, “we can obtain the license from Sega.”

Elsewhere, the developer also went into a little more detail as to how Shenmue 3 may pan out, referring specifically to an image depicting Iwao Huzuki (father of series hero Ryo) alongside a mysterious individual.

"This is the person who has trained with Iwao [Hazuki] in the olden days in China," Suzuki said of the image. "Then, in the story that will take place after Shenmue II, he will become a 'key' character."

Quizzed as to what his favourite moment from the series is, he replied: "So far we are only at Shenmue 2.”

"I developed the story until chapter 11. It's in this sequel that the part of Shenmue I care about most is hidden."

Shenmue was a visual showpiece for the Dreamcast when it released back in 1999, and was later followed by a sequel, Shenmue 2, in 2001. Both games are an action-RPG affair chronicling the journey of Japanese student Ryo Huzuki as he attempts to get revenge for his father’s murder.

Plans for a third game were already mapped out in some form, though despite much interest from fans, Shenmue 3 has yet to materialise more than a decade after its predecessor hit stores.

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