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Little Deviants has great potential as a franchise with its range of incredibly fresh and entertaining mini-games, though we can't see players spending too much in their company in this first instalment.

We like

  • A total showcase of PS Vita's range of funky features.
  • Some really entertaining and challenging mini-games
  • Competition encouraged with scores from other players shown

We dislike

  • Don't care much for the characters
  • Will probably only entertain for a couple of weeks

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(continued from previous page) ...extremely well across some entertaining scenarios, including a boxing ring battle where you need to pinch the screen to pull back ropes to fling a deviant at his enemies. The only really bad game among the bunch (there’s always one) is ‘Smashing Tune’ which tasks you with singing or humming at a certain pitch. Either we can’t sing at all, or the pitch sensor is totally inaccurate.

Though the Little Deviants themselves aren’t quite the loveable, entertaining characters we thought they might be, the mini-games are the real stars of the show and speak volumes for the future of PS Vita and its potential to really change the way we game.

As the first title in a new franchise, Little Deviants is certainly an impressive effort and should keep players entertained for a few weeks at least. Beyond that it’ll probably be forgotten, though we’ve got the feeling there’s still a lot more to come from these mischievous aliens.

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    February 22nd, 2012
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