Prototype 2 battles: how to beat the final boss

  • Posted April 27th, 2012 at 06:10 EDT by PSU Community

Want to know how to beat the final boss in Prototype 2? Look no further as we have a strategy that will make light work of what can be a tricky encounter.

SPOLIER ALERT! We suggest that if want to beat the final boss with no help then turn away right now. We don’t want to accidentally spoil the game for you, so we haven’t revealed the name of the final boss. We’ve replaced the boss name with “xxx”.

As it turns out, we haven’t actually got this far just yet, but PlayStation Universe community member, Xelios, has and he knows just how to beat him.

Here’s the tactic..

So xxx’s first form is his bladearm and claw. It's a straightforward battle more or less. It's all about recognizing his attack patterns. When xxx gets ready to attack, dodge to flip over him. That way once his attacks are completed, you'll be right behind him, and you can lay out your barrage of attacks. Sometimes you will have to dodge one way, then dodge again after he changes directions. It’s a little difficult to tell if it's coming, so you'll just have to be ready. After you do this a few times, he’ll jump back and you'll receive the first prompt.

He'll jump towards you and the game will prompt you to dodge behind him. After this attack, hit circle to suplex him. The game won't prompt you to dodge this attack again until the last part of this form, so recognize it and be prepared. You also won't be able to suplex him either again until the last section, so time your dodge right so you can quickly attack without wasting an opportunity. Another noteworthy attack he uses is when he pounds his claw into the ground creating a spike strip. Pretty easy to dodge and recognize, he uses it twice in succession, so dodge both of them. The game will cut to a quick cinematic so you'll be able to tell when he's doing it.


Quick note: on Normal mode your health regenerates between phases to 100%. It doesn't do that on Hard mode, but if you die your begin at that phase you were at, with full health,

After you beat the first form, he’ll switch his primary weapon to the Whipfists. The first thing he'll do is grab a helicopter and throw it at you. It's a quick time event so you shouldn't have an issue dodging it. There's really a lot of guess work involved with this form. You can block a lot of his attacks, and if you time it right, he’ll shield bash him, causing some damage.

For the horizontal strikes, you can flip behind xxx and get a quick succession of attacks. They're usually initiated when you're in close proximity of him. He'll flip over behind you, and it covers about 300 degrees. So you have to direct your flip to be right behind him otherwise he'll still hit you. These can also be blocked, but I personally found flipping behind him to be easier. However, if you do shield bash him with the block, you'll leave him stunned so that's extra damage you can pour into him. Eventually he’ll jump into the air and try to hook his Whipfists into you like a tether, pull himself in, and hit you.

You'll be prompted to block with R1 and Heller will shield bash him, then you can hit circle. Just like the first form, right before he's dead he'll attempt to fly towards you, and you must block it in a quick time event. This leads you into 3rd form of xxx.

Right at the beginning, there's another quick time event. Flyers start to swarm you, and you must use your devastator to kill them off before starting the battle. Xxx switches his weapons to hammerfists. I found the bladearm works well on this form, the claws are pretty much useless because they bounce right off of him. The hammerfists are pretty slow, so you shouldn't have much trouble guessing the attack pattern. When you see him doubling over, he's getting ready to attack with both hands.

As he slams into the ground, use this opportunity to flip over him, and lay in a few hits. You shouldn't have much trouble with ... (continued on next page)

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