Grand Theft Auto V: Protagonists, gameplay, setting, and more revealed

  • Posted November 8th, 2012 at 22:09 EDT by Kyle Prahl

(continued from previous page) ...greatly in terms of feel and flexibility, while melee combat has been spruced up to be robust and compelling. Driving has also been adjusted, as cars now "hold better to the ground" in response to what Rockstar felt was somewhat "boat-like" handling in GTA IV. Of course, cars aren't the only mechanical wonders awaiting your command. Confirmed vehicles include ATVs, road bikes, BMX bikes, helicopters, planes, jet skis, and more. If this is all sounding more than a little bit like San Andreas, you're right, but a few highlights of that particular masterpiece are missing. There won't be any RPG-style customization in terms of personal health, stat-building, and the like, but you can still freely customize clothing. According to Rockstar, being able to modify your character's size presents a huge technical chalenge in the high-def era, and stat-building won't be necessary in light of the unique stats and skills each character already boasts.

Other features and oddities firmly plant Grand Theft Auto V in the legacy of its forebears. You can flip the bird to passersby at will, and the reaction you receive will vary from neighborhood to neighborhood, and from person to person. In-game entertainment - in the form of television shows, radio stations, and fictional websites - is back and better than ever. You can even freely access the latter through the game's revamped cell phone, which now mimics the functions of today's cutting-edge smartphones. Random encounters with citizens will help flesh out the world, and a vibrant economy system will address complaints with Grand Theft Auto IV's distinct lack of things to buy. Property isn't one of the things you can purchase, but Rockstar promises to offer a lot of other fun stuff.

Plenty of other details, including the ability to drop a lighter on a trail of gasoline and watch it blow up a car, along with a full walkthrough of one of the game's missions, are available in Game Informer's December 2012 issue. Be sure to pick it up for a host of screenshots, artwork, and other goodies. While we wait with bated breath for the game's release in Spring 2013, keep it glued to for all things Grand Theft Auto V.

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