PlayStation 2 tribute - Our fondest memories and favourite games

(continued from previous page) ...colorful and looked amazing with all the lasers and futuristic fire-power. God of War 2 blew many people’s minds too with its scale and graphical fidelity and animation. These games really pushed the hardware and showed its true colors, much like this year’s blockbuster hits are doing for current (soon to be last) gen systems.”


Stunning production values and powerful gameplay elevated the action genre to a new level

Fijiandoce - Dedicated PSU Community Member

I wasn't all that bothered with PS2 to start off with. Most of my friends had a PS2, but I was more interested in 'other' things to care. However, one Christmas day, a cousin of mine bought me a PS2 bundled with GTA: Vice City and I wasn't seen again until dinner. I had so much fun running around this fictitious city just doing 'stuff'. I was totally amazed at what could be done in a little black box.
This is where my love for the Sony brand began.

In retrospect, whilst Vice City was a phenomenal game, it wasn't 'THE' game I most remember. Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance is a game I have extremely fond memories of. A friend and I lived in the same village in the UK, we were in high school at the time, and not all that up-to-date with our game libraries. He owned the game however, and I owned the memory card. We'd go round to each other’s houses with our respective pieces and game all day. I was fond of magic, so I played as the female mage. He liked to be a trickster, so he played the male dwarf.
Many, many times we ended up breaking "curfew" playing until 1 or 2 o'clock in the morning trying to beat the game (on its hardest difficulty) there was so much to do, so much to customise, so many dungeons to crawl through. We'd crash on the couch and rage, curse, and laugh at the puzzles and obstacles the game presented.

When the sequel came around, we switched roles. He had the memory card, and I had the game. However, at this point, we were getting older and it didn't have that spark that the first had. It was quite a bit easier, and a lot more confusing. We enjoyed the game nonetheless but it couldn't compare to the first.
Primal, and Summoner 2 are also standout games from that period. Both were quite difficult games, with surprisingly deep stories for their time.


Cruising the streets in GTA Vice City is one of the most memorable gaming moments from the PS2 era

Red Devil – Staff Writer

My greatest memory of the PS2 is probably my first, Christmas Day 2001. I previously asked for a PS2 for Gran Turismo 3 which had come out a few months prior, I remember the advert which had the Aston Martin Vanquish stopping during a race and the voice-over 'with graphics so good you'll stop and enjoy the view'. I got the bundle which had a nice red box and was named 'The GT3 Racing Pack'. Playing it for the first time, I remember driving a blue Subaru Impreza WRX STI through the tunnel and up the hill in Trial Mountain, with the lighting coming through the trees and hitting the car. It was mind blowing. It was a huge step up from the PS1 and I knew then that the PS2 was something special.

My favourite games on the PS2 were Gran Turismo 4 and Metal Gear Solid 3, both of which came out within a week of each other here in the UK. What a week, playing both back to back was one of the best times ever in gaming and will probably never be beaten.

Dane Smith – Staff Writer

Ah, the Playstation 2. To quote Bret Hart "The best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be." Sure, I had a lot of fun with my SNES but the Genesis also had my attention. The PS2 was so good to me that there were a combined total of 5 games I wanted to play on the Gamecube and XBOX combined. Hell, there were more games I liked on the ... (continued on next page)

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