PS4: hands-on, name, pricing, software and more - PSU predicts NYC next-gen reveal event

(continued from previous page) fans of the series. Fourth, the newest Monster Hunter is announced for the Vita and will be localized in English so fans don't have to worry. Finally fifth, David Hayter will make a full costume appearance as Snake and promo Kojima's newest game.

Will any of these happen? 95% unlikely. Would any of those be cool or funny to see happen? I know the internet would be buzzing about number 2, and then maybe we can see a Chrono Trigger 2!

Kyle Prahl – Editor

The rather odd decisions made by Sony marketing in recent months leaves me surprised by the immediacy of the February 20 reveal. On one hand, the PS3's lifecycle was plagued by inconsistent (and nonexistent) advertising that seemed to lack a cohesive direction. Who was the PS3 for? What type of gamer did PlayStation cater to? The answer was different every month, which is why I'm pleased to see Sony stepping up to the batter's box - beating Microsoft to the punch and pleasing future-hungry fans in one go.

Of course, the PlayStation Meeting will be for naught without a compelling presentation that convincingly casts PlayStation 4 as the future of gaming - the device you must own, and the herald of a new gaming era. To that end, I predict that we'll receive our first glimpse at PS4 launch window titles in the form of one or more sizzle reels - no dedicated game trailers, but a series of clips strung together and laced with electronic music. I don't expect that a physical unit will be present, as the final design is no doubt still being hammered out, but I believe that a prototype render will (much like the NGP) be shown and introduced as PlayStation 4. I also think it's too early for pricing specifics - Sony has to save some surprises for E3, right? - but I'd be shocked if the presentation didn't end with the announcement of Japanese and North American launch windows.

So, no game trailers, no pricing; what's there to look forward to? Details. I believe that the PlayStation Meeting will be a comprehensive look at the specs, features, and brand strategy for PlayStation 4. What new network functions and controller features will revolutionize the way we play? What standout features will make PS4 unlike any console before it? How will Gaikai streaming expand the scope of gaming, both at home and on-the-go? Will PS4 and PS Vita connect in meaningful ways? You'll know these things and more before the clock strikes midnight.

Steven Williamson – Publisher

There’s so much hype building for the PS4 reveal that I’m slightly worried that we’re all going to be let down by nothing more than a name, a video montage showcasing tiny clips of games that are coming to the PS4 and Sony telling us how it’s going to revolutionise gaming. I don’t think they’ll be any pricing revealed and I believe we’ll only be told a small amount about the specifications of the hardware, probably confirmation of the processor chip and lots of hype about how powerful it will make the console. I don’t think they’ll be any PS4 hands-on at all and I think we’ll only get to see a glimpse of the new controller on-screen. This is just going to be a small teaser to get us all excited about E3, which PSU will be heading to in force!

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