Massive Black Ops II update for PS3 fixes issues and adds new features

Treyarch has released a huge update for the PlayStation 3 version of Black Ops II which includes game balancing, bug fixes and all new Prestige level calling cards.

The update, which is also available for Xbox 360, arrives ahead of a Double XP weekend.

Here’s the full list of improvements…

Feature Improvements
• Added Prestige Level Calling Cards for each Prestige Level.
• Players will now control the last Scorestreak called when calling in multiple remote controllable Scorestreaks.
• Updated the League Lobbies to display Team Rank next to each Team Member's name.
• Added Suicide and Team Killed Penalties to the Game Rules/Spawn Settings Menu for Custom Games.
• Added a feature to kick players if they suicide too often in a game.
Multiplayer Issues Addressed
• Fixed an issue reported by the community where the Lodestar view remains on screen if the VTOL Warship is destroyed after being previously kicked from the VTOL due to friendly fire.
• Updated Menus to combat exploits reported by the community.
• Addressed a persistent Counter UAV issue that occurred during host migrations.
• Fixed an issue reported by the community where the player was not earning any progress for the Chopper Hunter Field Specialist challenge.
• Fixed an issue reported by the community where C4 was doing no damage to enemies if blown up the moment it attaches to a surface.
• Addressed an issue reported by the community with activating Prestige on a weapon not removing attachments from that weapon in other class sets.
• Prestige Master icon can now be seen as the 'next Prestige' when players reach the max Prestige Level.
• Resolved an issue with the Orbital VSAT Scorestreak losing time during the host migration count down.
• Resolved a collision issue on Grind which caused the player to become stuck on the vert ramp.
• Fixed an issue where players were able to place a turret while under the big rig in Aftermath.
• Addressed a couple issues with the Sentry Gun and AGR Scorestreak tablets remaining open when the player transitions to the Scorestreak while it is being destroyed.
• The Attachments menu in the After Action Report now indicates the XP a player earns from leveling up a weapon.
• Resolved an issue where players would lose control of Sentry Guns if they take control of it while it is being destroyed.
• Fixed an issue with Turret and Guardian placement within certain objects in Aftermath.
• Improved performance in Theater when a player Previews a Clip over and over again while their Clips in the Timeline Editor are maxed out.
• Fixed an issue with the environment disappearing when dying and spectating the water in Carrier.
• The music now plays for everyone during the Final Killcam.
• Addressed an issue on PlayStation 3 where the Listen In toggle, while CODcasting, was listening to all whether it was toggled on or not.
• Fixed an issue in Theater where the camera viewed under the map while watching players that had not spawned in.
• Resolved an issue with the AGR icon only appearing on the mini-map when it was firing both the machine gun and rockets at the same time.
• Resolved an issue with the Victory/Defeat screen not accurately displaying the amount of XP a player had earned in Objective based game modes on Combat Training.
• Addressed multiple issues with reloading the War Machine Scorestreak.
• Adjusted the Scoreboard columns when CODcasting Free For All to display points in the first column instead of player score.
• Fixed an issue with the HUD pushing off the screen when CODcasting in Theater during a round transition.
• Resolved an issue in Theater where Party Leaders could not render videos while players joined the lobby.
• Addressed an issue with the Chat Notification not appearing on the in game screen for players who were speaking in Party Chat.
• Fixed an animation issue for the Combat Knife when holding aim down sight and pressing the melee attack button.
• Resolved an inconsistency in the Emblem Editor with the way emblems were being displayed between profiles.
• Resolved an issue in the Player Channel where deleted screenshots and edited films were appearing as an error when viewed by another player.
• Addressed an issue in the League Play slide menu where the Career Wins stat was not updating for previous seasons when the player had not yet been placed.
• Fixed an issue with the Game Settings Update prompt getting cut off when choosing ... (continued on next page) ----

A gamer since the days of the ZX Spectrum, Steven Williamson now works as General Manager for PSU. He's supposed to be managing, but if you're reading this, it means he's dipped into editorial again. Follow @steven_gamer
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