Dead Island Riptide review - what's the best way to kill a zombie?

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Dead Island Riptide

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Excellent open world zombie horror with great crafting slightly let down by unimaginative bosses and minor bugs.

We like

  • Impressive ppen world environment
  • Import your old Dead Island character
  • Creative crafting system

We dislike

  • Mundane bosses
  • Wobbly continue feature
  • Ninja zombies

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(continued from previous page) be just the same as the last one and requires no imagination to overcome; just repetition of the same tactics time and time again. Another bizarre issue with the game is that some zombies have an annoying habit of just appearing from nowhere with no warning, seemingly just popping into existence in what I believe could be a bug. These ninja zombies attack silently and can take a player unaware in areas you believe are cleared, which is frustrating when you die as a result.
Another slightly annoying feature is sometimes when you restart your game it often places you nowhere near where you left off despite the fact they you hit a checkpoint just before you logged off. This can be annoying when you want to get back in the action but find yourself on the opposite side of the island to where you want to be. As little as these problems may be, they are an annoyance when you want to get stuck into the game but randomly die or have to spend five minutes getting back to where you last left off.

Overall though, if you enjoy tense survival horror games and like tinkering with extensive weapons using an imaginative crafting system, you will enjoy playing Dead Island: Riptide. It's just a pity that the lack of imagination with boss battles and some bugs can detract from your immersion in the world.

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