Metro: Last Light Review - "one hell of a ride"

  • Posted May 13th, 2013 at 12:57 EDT by Fraser Miller

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Metro Last Light manages to create a rich and engaging world that holds onto the player's attention with a vice grip.

We like

  • Pacing of the story
  • Horror/Psychological gripping atmosphere
  • Living breathing engaging world

We dislike

  • It can feel somewhat like a corridor shooter at times
  • Some unncessarily drawn out dialogue scenes

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(continued from previous page) ...both of which the game manages to pull off in such a great co-existing manner.

You might be sitting there thinking "but what about the controls as it was mainly a PC title before?" Well, those worries can be laid to rest, as Last Light manages to take all the complexity of the controls and fit them round the PS3 controller. I've never experienced a game that makes activating different pieces of equipment so fast and user-friendly. A quick snip of the shoulder button and you have one menu to snap on your mask or turn your torch on, while pressing triangle and you quickly change which grenade or knife you're using. This was all made easy and completely flawless by the intuitive user interface 4A Games have managed to put into the PS3 version.

Everything about the audio in Last Light really accentuates the game's already nail-biting atmosphere, whether it be hearing the screeches of creatures in the distance and treading carefully to make sure you don't get mauled, or the bustling metro stations that feel vibrant and alive -- even if they are vastly run down. Overall, the game's aural presentation has been crafted to provide a unique experience that really complements the gameplay.

Metro Last Light manages to create a rich and engaging world that holds onto the players attention with a vice grip. Giving players an excellent thrill ride to enjoy and step into the shoes of Artyom who must seek out answers to the Dark Ones and thwart the enemies plans all while taking on the menacing mutations on the surface. Prepare to enter the Metro for one hell of a ride.

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