Journey: Collector's Edition Review - a great game just got better

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A nice package to while away the hours complete with some fine added extras

We like

  • Journey is one of the best plaformers of recent years
  • Great added value with insightful commentary

We dislike

  • Flower is still boring
  • flOw is a short game and the fun is over before it's really began

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If I was to tell you that you have to undertake a challenging journey for a second time it's probably not going to be the news you'd want to hear. However,  with the release of the Journey: Collector’s Edition package you will probably agree that embarking on this particular adventure second time around is actually very good news.

Journey, the mystical game of discovery from thatgamecompany, was originally released in 2012 and is now available in a collector's edition which is packed full of extra features and games. I'm going to run you through exactly what you get if you decide to pick up this collector's edition of the game which PSU called on release:

" Truly one of the best gaming experiences I have had in my 20+ years of gaming. "

First of all you don't just get the original version of the game Journey, the collector's edition includes the original versions of the games flOw and Flower plus three brand new online mini games as well.

Now if you want to read what PSU thought of Journey when it was first released click here, a review of Flower can be found here and one for flOw here.

So, at the moment the collector's edition is great value for money with six games but that isn't the end of the extras this package holds.

Each of the main games comes with a selection of features which include commentaries, screenshot galleries, trailers, dynamic themes, dev-diaries, sound tracks and more.  When you access these features you notice they aren't just a throwaway addition to the package either as each extra item has depth. For example, the Journey director's commentary video features three directors chatting not just about the game but also its influences, history and so much more. It’s a fascinating listen and it’s impossible to explain how much love has gone into these extras and how much they really expand and enhance your enjoyment of the three main games.

So, if a Journey begins with just a single step then the Journey collector's edition is wearing seven-league boots. You shouldn’t miss out on this fantastic package of great games and amazing extras.

Richard Archer is an Assistant Editor for PSU, when he's not being a full-time gamer, comic book nut, and Doctor Who fan.
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