PS4 games on Vita: 10 titles I can't wait to Remote Play

  • Posted September 7th, 2013 at 15:19 EDT by Kyle Prahl

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Years of promises and half-hearted execution have left the concept of Remote Play something of a punching bag for longtime PlayStation fans, but Sony seems dead-set on fulfilling the feature's true potential with PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. From Day One, every PS4 game will support Remote Play on Vita, whether in-home or abroad, via Wi-Fi.

Well, almost every game. Think Just Dance, The Playroom, and others that will require the new PlayStation Camera.

Because Remote Play is supported at the hardware level, you won't have to worry about individual developers making their games compatible--beyond the obvious considerations of control scheme. More than likely, the missing L1 and R1 bumpers will be mapped to corners of Vita's rear touchpad, with the Share and Options buttons filling out the back. Elegant? Maybe not, but the technology and solutions are there for this to finally work. In your home, PS4 uses Gaikai technology to become a server when Vita kicks in for Remote Play. Outside your home, you'll be at the mercy of your given Wi-Fi connection, but at least it's an option--unlike with Nintendo's Wii U gamepad.

The possibilities are boundless--with Remote Play, Vita will become the ultimate blockbuster machine and indie game platform, all in one. Between tailored experiences like Tearaway and PS4 showstoppers like Destiny and inFAMOUS: Second Son, I'm beside myself with excitement for the synchronized future of PS4 and Vita.

Here are the 10 PS4 games I'm most excited to play on Vita with Remote Play.

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