Grand Theft Auto V's rape scene and the power of player choice (corrected)

  • Posted September 18th, 2013 at 14:04 EDT by Kyle Prahl

I was doing taxi-cab missions with a Downtown Cab Co. car. I had just dropped off a male passenger near a pig farm. He didn't pay his fare, so I left the cab to give chase. One punch was all it took for the coward to pay his dues. Suddenly, I heard a female scream from across the highway: "Stop! Somebody, please, help me!" A blue dot on my mini-map marked the location; I enabled Franklin's Good Samaritan instincts and ran across the road to investigate. The screams were louder, from behind a brown car parked on the roadside.

I came around to the car's opposite side. A clothed woman was kneeling on the ground. One man had his gun trained on her. Another man, bending over behind her, was naked from the waist down and preparing to violate her.

Instinct kicked in. I punched the bent-over man, his genitalia exposed. His friend, surprised or unwilling to shoot me, was my next victim. A few seconds later, I had curb-stomped and thoroughly ended the lives of both. At this, the woman rose, visibly shaken, and asked if I might drive her home. Franklin responded in kind, and we were off.

On the way back to her house, the two conversed--she explained how she had been chatting with a friend on the phone, how these two men had been ranting about technology on the roadside, how she had stopped to ask if they needed help. Franklin was listening and responding, but my mind was elsewhere.

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