Does PS4 need the faces and mascots of PlayStation's past?

  • Posted November 12th, 2013 at 06:31 EDT by Alex Machado

Games Unite Fans Old and New

Demand is the crux of it all, and the demand is there albeit strewn about. The attachment to PlayStation characters may be present, but scattered in smaller numbers when measured up to the competition. Nintendo characters like Mario and Pikachu transcend their importance and popularity because they are established characters that audiences have grown up with, but in return, they have also grown up with their audiences. The majority of the gaming populace doesn’t care about PlayStation characters because they’re not given an incentive to care. Only a select few of brand idols like Ratchet and Kratos have crossed over to new generations. But there is the minority that does care, a minority that is constantly growing. We’ve had fans petitioning the return of cult heroes. We’ve had developers wish their homecoming in hopes of reliving the limelight. With such increasing demand, next-gen may be the time to dust off the graves of old beloved franchises.

Surely, it's only a matter of time before we see a next-generation Kratos?

There’s already a lingering drive among executive heads about taking PlayStation back to its old roots. And it would be unfair to mark down Sony for not making an effort to keep the ball rolling on iconic franchises because to an extent they are, although not necessarily in the gaming medium. It may take more than just a handful of remasters to keep an aged audience smiling. Sony may not have enough first-party studios to pull off this nostalgic explosion, but imagine a MediEvil reboot akin to the style of Demon’s Souls on PS4? The JRPG genre needs defibrillation; perhaps Dart could answer the emergency call with a Legend of Dragoon sequel. We all know the Vita needs more love, and with touch screen innovations that could move the rhythm genre forward, who better than PaRappa the Rapper to unite gamers old and new?

In the end, games are what bring people together in this digital world. It’s not about the mascot. It’s not even about legacy. It’s about the people who remember. The people who were there for the grand opening and made PlayStation their home. It’s about the people who make history but move everything forward. The brilliance of united artists who listen to their fans and color our imaginations with never-before-seen radiance. The PS4 stands tall in the horizon, and some of us are prepared for the greatness that awaits. The exclusives will come. New IP’s like The Order: 1886 and Knack will declare their mark in PlayStation history. But for those of you who reach out to faces that are now mere reflections of the past, make your voices heard and someone from above may listen. You gotta believe – but it’ll take more than just believing.

Alex is a Staff Writer for PSU and a performance major at Florida International University. Perhaps one day he'll find a cure for his uncanny obsession with making Kerotan frog noises. Not that he cares though. But if you do, feel free to advise him on Twitter.
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