The Best 100 Games Of the PS3 Generation

  • Posted November 28th, 2013 at 11:52 EDT by PSU Staff

90. MAG

Metacritic Rating - 76

A multiplayer-only FPS where up to 256 players take part in squad-based action was an ambitious project. With plenty of battle modes, as well as squad leader advancement leveling to increase your standing in the game, players still interested had better get in quick as the game is scheduled for closure next year.

PSU score 7.5 review HERE


89.DC Universe Online

Metacritic Rating - 7.5

MMO superhero action abounds here with plenty of updates to keep players interested in superhero action. A launch day title for PS4 which promises character transfer from your PS3 account, so you can enjoy the MMO action even more.

PSU score 7.5 review HERE


88. Dungeon Defenders

Metacritic Rating - 80

Multiplayer RPG action with a tower defence twist sees players defend their precious crystals against wave after wave of relentless monsters, who weren't afraid to bring the odd boss to the fight either. Players could deploy traps, defences or even go hand to hand with the enemy. A hardcore mode added a permadeath element for extra insanity.

PSU score 8, review HERE


87. Dragons Dogma

Metacritic Rating - 83

An open world RPG, where player class choice has a real impact on the gameplay. Dragons Dogma also featured a 'pawn' system for NPCs, allowing players to recruit help from their friends.

PSU score 8, review HERE


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