DUST 514: New weapons and vehicle rebalancing coming to Uprising 1.7

  • Posted November 29th, 2013 at 04:37 EDT by Alex Locher

The free-to-play PS3 exclusive DUST 514 is set to get yet another point update on the December 10, 2013 when Uprising 1.7 deploys. The patch is part of CCP's 'rapid-fire' monthly updates plan which lets the Icelandic studio develop the game in a much more reactive way. New features, options, balancing and content gets added every 30 days or so and the feedback from the community allows for quicker refinement of those additions. It's a cadence that has been working well as the game goes from strength to strength--naturally with a few stumbles along the way. You can read about what was brought to the table in 1.6 here but today we're looking at the two main features due to hit on December 10th.

Two new rifle variations will hit the market; the Minmatar Combat Rifle and the Caldari Rail Rifle. Minmatar and Caldari are two of the four races in the EVE universe, the others being Gallente and Amarr. These races all have their own design philosophy and affinity to certain technology types and this is reflected in the form and function of their gear. CCP intends for all of the game's armor, weapons, vehicles and equipment to have racial variants which reflect the inherent racial traits. These two rifle variations complete the racial collection for DUST's equivalent to the standard FPS assault gun joining the Gallente Assault Rifle and the Amarr Scrambler Rifle.

The descriptions below are from the Weapons of Uprising 1.7 dev blog which you can check out


A gas-operated, short-barreled weapon, the combat rifle is a semi-automatic weapon well-suited to both short and medium range combat. Classified as a light support weapon, it is typically employed in target-rich environments: The high volume of fire produced enables operators to engage multiple targets in rapid succession, while the weapon’s extended range keeps the operator just beyond the threat threshold of most standard assault rifles.

Its advanced bullpup configuration reduces weapon weight and improves maneuverability, making it the ideal crossover weapon for urban and field combat. The modular design has more practical advantages as well: cheap to maintain and easily replaced if damaged, it’s one of the most reliable weapons in service today.


Part of Kaalakiota’s Stahl line of weaponry, the rail rifle is a precision weapon designed for field operations where penetrative power and range are paramount. Developed using the corporation’s proprietary microscale technology, the rail rifle solves oversaturation issues endemic to sustained fire electromagnetic weaponry. However, its greater range and power are offset by a smaller magazine capacity and lower rate of fire than similarly classified weapons.

The foregrip design aids stabilization and remains cool to the touch even during prolonged discharge where the barrel can exceed mean operating temperatures. Featuring a reinforced subassembly and compact, heavy-barrel design, the rail rifle is the premier fully automatic microscale weapon available today.

The blog also covers how the weapons are categorised in terms of damage and how effective they are against DUST's two defense mechanisms: shield and armor. Also touched upon are the interaction between weapon grade (basic, advanced and prototype) and range as well as the artistic process of rendering the weapons in game. Check it out!

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