Rainbow Moon PS Vita Review: addictive grind in portable form

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The portability of Rainbow Moon makes the game that much more attractive, allowing for addictive grinding in convenient spurts that the PS3 version couldn't allow. The retro presentation and leveling systems work in tandem extremely well, even if the narrative-less grind to max level will take a while.

We like

  • Addictive stat-based leveling
  • Fast-paced tactical combat
  • Attractive modern/retro combination

We dislike

  • Weak narrative embedded in quests
  • Pervasive grinding

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(continued from previous page) ...made on console will continue on-the-go. PS Plus subscribers may wish to buy both versions (sadly, it’s not Cross-Buy), since Sony is set to release a PS Plus bundle of Rainbow Moon in the North American PlayStation Network update for a very attractive price.

Getting through the game is a very long grind, so having the ability to jump in and out of Rainbow Moon makes the game that much more attractive. Still, the lack of palpable narrative can make a grind, however enjoyable that grind may be, feel like a drudge. Addictive is a word that’s applicable to a leveling system like that in Rainbow Moon, and marrying that with the fast pace of combat is genius, but the harsh reality is that Rainbow Moon differs from the best in one aspect: reason to keep going. Exploring is fun, especially since finding new enemies and areas award new items for permanent upgrades, but exploration that’s embedded in loose questing that requires finding some NPC or killing X amount of enemies for quest items feels a bit too much like what keeps most basic MMOs from success. I cannot say enough how much fun spending Rainbow Pearls for stat upgrades is, because earning the pearls is as rewarding as taking the responsibility of building the characters statistically from the ground up.

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