Trine 2: Complete Story PS4 review: one of the most charming and accomplished adventure platformers in recent years

  • Posted December 5th, 2013 at 05:02 EDT by John-Paul Jones

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Trine 2: Complete Story is a grand embellishment of one of the most charming and accomplished adventure platformers in recent years. Bolstered by a wealth of additional content, multiplayer modes and the gorgeous 1080p/60 fps veneer that PlayStation 4 allows, this should be the next game to find a home on your PlayStation 4.

We like

  • Compelling physics based puzzle gameplay with a well-judged difficulty curve.
  • Visually resplendent fairytale setting.
  • Additional content bolsters an already fair-sized experience.

We dislike

  • Skill upgrades don't always feel worthwhile.
  • Plot is throwaway fluff for the most part.

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Switching between the heroic trifecta couldn’t be easier; you simply tap the L1 or R1 shoulder buttons to make the desired change. Pleasingly, a well-judged balance has been struck in the design of the puzzles so that playing as just one hero alone will not assure success.

For example, one area might require you to use Amadeus to conjure up a box to reach a ledge, switch to Zoya to swing rope your way across a hazardous swamp and then, on the other side, bring Pontius into the equation to deal with an oncoming goblin horde. It’s beautifully judged for the most part and as such, each of the characters can be upgraded with new abilities by collecting the shiny blue orbs and potion bottles which permeate Trine 2’s gorgeous locales.

And herein lies one of the game’s most captivating hooks; above and beyond the need to see each new gloriously rendered level, the temptation to grab every magical orb and potion proves to be an irresistible one, due in no small part the increased ingenuity that the game demands to obtain them.

On the topic of difficulty, the game rarely frustrates. One way that it affords this level of accessibility is through an unobtrusive and customisable hint system; a series of verbal prompts which prod you in the right direction should you find yourself frothing at the mouth and hopelessly stuck on a particularly troublesome puzzle.

Additionally, checkpoints prove to be a welcome respite; being generously placed and replenishing your health and reviving any fallen comrades into the bargain. If all this sounds a little too accommodating however, more confident/foolhardy players will find their masochistic tendencies ably catered for by the game's Hardcore mode, which limits the amount of times you can come back from the grave and prevents saving during a level.

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