Gran Turismo 6 and microtransactions: helpful inclusion or derision of a PlayStation staple?

  • Posted December 5th, 2013 at 12:53 EDT by Adam Byrne

(continued from previous page) ...sense the ‘’don’t like it, don't buy it’’ mantra becomes nothing more than a redundant contention. Besides, ten years ago, a simple bash of several key buttons would unlock whatever gaming content you desired – ‘EELNATS’, anyone? The only thing that’s changed is that increased internet connectivity has allowed publishers to monetize this mechanism. Perhaps core GT players won’t take much notice - they may just go about the game as they always have. But this newly-implemented system may well deter newer players from experiencing Gran Turismo in its purest form – from banged-up scrap metal to earning that European super car. And that’s where the biggest issue lies. By having access to some of the best cars from the get-go you leave all manner of competition in the dust, the grit and hard-earned win is gone, entirely. Every race becomes a foregone monotony.

We oftentimes get caught up and forget that gaming is a money-making business, first and foremost; an expansive multi-tiered system of developers, publishers, financial backers, advertisers etc. And now with the focus firmly shifted to the PlayStation 4, Polyphony Digital may have implemented microtransactions to recoup much of its budget. But what developers and publishers alike need to realise is that gamers will more often than not part with their hard-earned money for a game that is complete, balanced, and fair.

When everything is thoroughly considered it simply boils down what the gamer wants. Microtransactions in this generation of console games are in their infancy - and the consumer dictates the run of play. They do have a valid place, certainly, but that place should remain in the F2P model and not in the fully-priced retail game. If you, the gamer, are displeased by the increasingly monetized way of retail games then simply vote with your wallet and hope for the best – that way we can change the industry for the better.

Do you agree or disagree with the above piece? Sound off in the comments below.

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