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Autumn Games
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About Skullgirls

Set in the Canopy Kingdom, Skullgirls tells the tale of eight female warriors as they fight to reclaim a wish-granting artifact known as the "Skull Heart" from the monstrous Skullgirl. As legend has it, every seven years this enigmatic Skull Heart grants a wish to a young woman… but this power can come at a terrible price. If her heart is impure, her wish will be twisted and she herself will be transformed into a Skullgirl. Developed by newcomer Reverge Labs, Skullgirls is a fast-paced 2D fighting game. Starring a cast of feisty female warriors, Skullgirls is a multi-layered fighter featuring all-new game systems for veteran fighting game fans while also making the intimidating genre enjoyable and accessible to the casual gamer.



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Skullgirls has almost everything going for it. Fantastic art, fantastic net code, and a near-perfect fighting game engine. As such, it's a shame such a polished game was shipped missing an in-game moves list and no multiplayer lobbies.

We like

  • The crazy attention to detail
  • GGPO net code
  • Glorious hand-drawn artwork

We dislike

  • No multiplayer lobbies
  • No in-game moves list
  • Annoyingly hard final boss

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In today’s world of 3D rendered, $60 retail fighting games, it always surprises me to see studios putting out games that a) are 2D and have hand drawn animation, and b) are download only. Seeing a game that comes along and does both is mind boggling, in the best way. Skullgirls has quite the odd tale, originally starting as two separate projects, one side being the game engine and mechanics developed by Mike Z (a tournam...

Skullgirls News

  • Skullgirls relisting on PSN and Xbox Live as Skullgirls Encore in Jan. 2014

    Skullgirls Encore will debut on the PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE Marketplace sometime in January 2014, according to a post on Lab Zero Games' website. You might recall that Skullgirls is being delisted from PSN and Xbox LIVE on December 31 thanks to a rather chilly split between Lab Zero Gam...

  • Skullgirls delisted from PlayStation Network and Xbox Live

    Shoryuken has reported that Konami requested Skullgirls to be delisted from PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. Lab Zero Games’ Mike Zaimont revealed on a Salty Cupcakes, Skullgirls’ weekly stream, that Konami put in the request without informing Autumn Games. The game is scheduled...

  • Voting begins for fifth Skullgirls DLC character

    After the Skullgirls development team was laid off from Reverge Labs, the dedicated folks came back together as Lab Zero Games. After a hugely successful IndieGoGo campaign, Lab Zero made plans for five DLC characters: Robo Fortune, Squigly, Big Band, and two winners of fan votes. The vote to decid...

  • Skullgirls developer reforms as Lab Zero Games

    When Skullgirls launched it was met with praise among its critics for its attention to detail, quality characters and a play style that kept you coming back for more. Despite the fighting game impressing those who played it, Reverge Labs, the studio behind Skullgirls, sadly laid off the entire devel...

  • Skullgirls PS3 patch dated

    Reverge Labs has confirmed that the Slightly Different Edition patch for Skullgirls on PlayStation 3 will go live on November 20. No word yet on when the Xbox 360 version will turn up, though it’s likely still awaiting certification. For those of you out of the loop, the patch is pretty...

  • Let Valentine break your heart in this latest Skullgirls character trailer

    Revenge Labs has been hard at work for quite some time on what may just be the next hot 2D fighter to grace the PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live Arcade – Skullgirls. And in celebration of Valentine’s Day, Revenge Labs has released a new character reveal trailer for Skullgirls.  G...

  • Painwheel is the latest character to join Skullgirls

    Autumn Games and Reverge Labs have unveiled the latest character in their upcoming fast-paced 2D-fighting game Skullgirls – Painwheel. Here is the full backstory of the newest member of the Skullgirls roster. "Once a normal schoolgirl named Carol, Painwheel was kidnapped by Valentine an...

  • Skullgirls Trailer - Parasoul gameplay

    Revenge Labs has released a new trailer for their upcoming 2D fighter, Skullgirls, which is due out next early next year. The trailer shows off gameplay with one of the game's characters, Parasoul, a sexy red-haired princess with an army at her command. You can watch the full trailer below.  ...

Skullgirls Features

  • Skullgirls' net code is 'pretty awesome'

    With Skullgirls slated for release tomorrow, PSU had a chance to go one-on-two with Alex Ahad, creative director, and Mike Zaimont, lead designer and programmer for this fighting game. Check out what they had to say below. Q: Your announcer, who is he? Did you tailor the music around him, or did y...

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