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The HD version isn't without its issues, but the overhauled visuals make the environments that were phenomenal on the PS Vita equally so on home consoles. The unique choices in Assassin's Creed: Liberation also differentiate it from the rest of the series in a way that makes its upscaling relevant to the industry as a whole.

We like

  • Superb environments overall
  • Engrossing experience throughout
  • Online mode is gone

We dislike

  • Combat irregularities
  • Invisible walls while parkouring

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Liberation doesn't take much more than 12 hours to complete the main story and a decent chunk of the side quests, but the game features side quest chains that develop their own scenarios very well, which I feel should be a more routine occurrence in the series as a whole. One chain had me chasing after a murderer and finding clues, and once one perpetrator was found, the current quest would complete and the next would be available in the same spot. Most of the quests in Liberation are widespread, so this change of pace refreshes the game at just the right time: when the game opens up near the end and all side aspects of the game are accessible. This makes the HD version of Liberation relevant to consoles, since it provides something that other AC titles have not done before, and it does it well.

Considering that the online mode was officially condescending to the PS Vita, I could only imagine the uproar that would take place if that "mobile game" online mode had made an appearance on home consoles. Thankfully--even though there's no online mode to be found--Liberation HD keeps away from what once was a hindrance to a very solid portable experience. Still, having a chance to play online in Nouvelle Orléans or the Bayou would have made even a bare bone online mode worth the time.

Kill animations are up in a big way, and the environmental visual enhancements refresh this former portable title into relevancy on home consoles. Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation brought to the series a new way to look at the assassin order, but both Assassin’s Creed III and Assassin’s Creed IV have taken similar routes. Still, Liberation does a few things all on its own, and those little things packed into this shorter AC experience make relevant the $20 price take to anyone looking to test the waters of the series or play a different AC title altogether. Seeing the PS Vita’s exclusivity to Liberation disappear is a little disheartening, but this allows more people to experience a few new ideas on an aging series.

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