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Rogue Legacy
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2D Platformer
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July 29th, 2014
Release Date (UK):
July 29th, 2014
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Cellar Door Games
Cellar Door Games
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0 of 1166 Games
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About Rogue Legacy

The goal of Rogue Legacy is to explore a randomly generated dungeon, defeat four bosses in each of the four unique environments of the dungeon, and then defeat the final boss. Characters have the default ability to jump and slash with their sword, along with secondary abilities, such as magic attacks, which use mana.[



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A hugely triumphant take on the Metroidvania formula that delights with its fresh take on roguelike gameplay elements, Rogue Legacy empowers the player, rather than punishes them and is simply one of the finest games you can play on a PlayStation platform.

We like

  • Mixture of classic platforming and combat which is brilliantly responsive and satisfying.
  • Each playthrough feels fresh and unique.
  • Full cross-play support and potentially hundreds of hours of play.

We dislike

  • No real variety in melee weapons.

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We’re so often painfully reminded in games with roguelike qualities that death is the end. It’s invariably engrained in our psyche that all of our hard work, all that gold, all that loot and all that progression can be flushed down the toilet on account of an errant controller press. Rogue Legacy though, aims to teach us another lesson, namely that death is not the end and that your quirky descendants can resume wh...

Rogue Legacy Features

  • Rogue Legacy: PlayStation's Rogue-'lite' in the cellar

    Few gamers who stray beyond the realm of PlayStation consoles may have heard of Cellar Door Games’ Rogue Legacy – a game that masterfully blends trendy roguelike and Metroid-style gameplay with controller throwing difficulty. You couldn’t find a podcast that wasn’t chatting u...

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