Five ways in which Capcom can get Resident Evil back on track

  • Posted January 27th, 2014 at 09:27 EDT by Adam Byrne

Stress the necessity of survival

In line with the assertion that the game’s atmosphere needs a hefty rethink, surely the same must be said for the claim that Resident Evil still resides in the realm of survival horror; the inclusion of a points tally and the plethora of ammo at hand throughout its campaigns have been to the detriment of series, detracting from what’s been at the core since its inception. If Resident Evil wishes to still include itself in a genre which now boasts the likes of Amnesia and Penumbra it’ll have ditch the frivolities and greet players with a hard-nosed, unforgiving struggle where ammo is scarce and environment’s claustrophobic. Instead of trying to cater for all audiences with a wide, protracted set of campaigns with no central focus, create one finely-honed one-player-only experience - where survival is paramount and where the protagonist doesn’t have much of an upper hand over that of the enemy. Allow players to strategize and plan by re-imagining the inventory system once again and revive the much-loved sanctity of the save room. Create the sort of tension and survival-focused gameplay that will make the latter a welcome necessity, and also overhaul the damage system, allowing for prolonged affliction which will prove fatal if unattended to.

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