Five ways in which Capcom can get Resident Evil back on track

  • Posted January 27th, 2014 at 09:27 EDT by Adam Byrne

Hark back to the old guard

Following the outcry by fans over the pronounced lack of traditional zombies in both the fourth and fifth instalments Capcom tried to appease all fronts by including them in Resident Evil 6. The result was a muddled contortion of a series staple, and something that just didn’t feel quite right. The inclusion of traditional monsters needs to be complemented by an appropriate atmosphere, and that’s something which Capcom can look to rectify in the future. It makes little sense packing a wide space with hoards of easily disposable zombies, they simply lose any semblance of being a threat. However, have a slow-paced, deep-voiced zombie slither towards the corner of a narrowed corridor where you’re housed with little ammo and it becomes an entirely different experience; the game must look to exploit the players’ peril, not handhold through droves of enemies. A consistent threat a la Nemesis is always a welcome addition, too – provided the pacing is carefully conceived so as to not upset the balance of the gameplay and narrative. If done correctly the medial zombie can pose as much of issue as a ravenous Licker or Hunter, and that’s what the developers need to understand: sometimes bigger isn’t always better; cut back and finely-tune an experience rather than go for the huge spectacle and you’ll plainly see which produces a more desired effect.

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