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Driving Simulator
Release Date (US):
November 15th, 2013
Release Date (UK):
November 29th, 2013
Online Players:
Evolution Studios
Sony Computer Entertainment
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0 of 1166 Games
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0 of 0 Games
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About DriveClub

DriveClub News

  • DriveClub releasing the same week as E3 -- report

    Evolution Studios’ DriveClub is due for release on June 12, according to an email sent out to customers by Dell. June 12 just happens to be the last day of E3, and also falls in line with previous release date rumors posted by Italy’s Official PlayStation Magazine. The PlayStation...

  • PS4-exclusive DriveClub making 'spectacular' progress, says Sony

    Sony has confirmed that PlayStation 4-exclusive racer DriveClub is making “spectacular” progress in light of the layoffs that have plagued developer Evolution Studios. The platform holder also revealed that the troubled racer has gained a new director, following the amicable departure...

  • Gran Turismo 7 Prologue teased, DriveClub needed 'extra work,' says insider

    Gran Turismo 7 Prologue has been potentially teased over on NeoGAF by well-known user DemonNite, also an employee at Sony Computer Entertainment. The small tidbit comes after one user on the gaming forum (via DualShockers) commented how he doesn’t want to see GT7 take five years to see a r...

  • Driveclub goes 'back to the drawing board,' doubt cast over 2014 release

    In an interview with Sony's Scott Rohde, IGN learned that Driveclub, the much-hyped simulation racer from Evolution Studio, was delayed to bring the game "back to the drawing board." PlayStation isn't above starting over to make sure a product isn't prematurely released, said Rohde. "...

  • DriveClub release date leaked, due April or September -- report

    DriveClub, the PlayStation 4-exclusive racer from the creators of MotorStorm, will be released on either April 9 or September 4 (depending on your regional affiliation), according to a Tweet spotted by PlayStation Nation (via PushSquare). The site spotted the date, posted by Evolution Studios on ...

  • Kaz Hirai loves playing DriveClub, Gran Turismo in his spare time

    Speaking during an interview with Variety (via DualShockers), President and CEO of Sony Corporation Kazuo Hirai revealed that he likes to indulge in a spot of DriveClub and Gran Turismo during his spare time -- that is, when he’s not driving around in his flashy sports car. It’s inter...

  • DriveClub release set for June, claims OPM Italy

    According to Official PlayStation Magazine Italy (via VG247), PlayStation 4-exclusive racer DriveClub will be released in June. Originally due out alongside the PS4 last November, the Evolution Studios-developed title was pushed back into early 2014 -- or so we thought. While Sony has indicated...

  • DriveClub's visuals recreate locations 'right down to angle of light'

    Sony has unveiled some tantalizing tidbits on Evolution Studios’ forthcoming PlayStation 4-exclusive racer DriveClub. The info comes via Sony’s own ‘Be Moved’ website, and confirms, among other things, that DriveClub’s locations have been meticulously realized right ...

  • DriveClub delayed in Japan, will miss PS4 launch

    PlayStation 4 racer DriveClub has been delayed in Japan, reports Inside Games. The Evolution Studios-developed title was originally on track to launch alongside Sony’s new home  console in the country. However, it will now miss the PS4 launch. No reason for the delay was given, othe...

  • DriveClub featured in Sony's new 'Join Together' ad

    PlayStation 4 racer DriveClub has been featured in a new Sony-centric video piece titled ‘Join Together.’ The video features an appearance by the one and only Spike Lee, who finds time to vent his frustration that his actors are spending too much time indulging in Sony’s latest ...

DriveClub Features

  • DriveClub PS4 delay - why it was worth it

    As a PlayStation exclusive, the delay of DriveClub on PlayStation 4 launch day was sour for many gamers, especially after the postponement of the much-anticipated Ubisoft title, Watch Dogs. It was even more of a blow for PlayStation Plus members, who were set to receive a specialized version of the...

  • TGS 2013 - Best Multiplayer Game Award - DriveClub

    A lot of games that were shown at the event could have been classified as multiplayer games, but while some like Battlefield emphasized winning against other teams, DriveClub took a more unique approach of winning against yourself. During the event everyone who was playing DriveClub were driving a...

  • TGS 2013 - Best Racing Game Award: DriveClub

      What is there to say about DriveClub that has not already been said in its Best Multiplayer game acceptance speech? Evolution Studios' fresh take on the driving genre and push towards community play allows rookies and all-stars alike to enjoy a unique racing experience. Smooth controls, be...

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