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Survival Horror
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Zombie Studios
Zombie Studios
M [Mature]
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Daylight tries hard to scare you with its soundscape and atmosphere, but unfortunately it treads an all too familiar haunting ground that leaves you sitting impassively in your seat rather than at the edge of it.

We like

  • Unnerving sound design
  • Atmospheric lighting
  • Shadow entities are unpredictable

We dislike

  • Familiar and uninspired story
  • Note collecting is disengaging
  • Procedurally generated levels are ineffective

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Put on your running shoes and stock up on glow sticks and flares, because Zombie Studios has opened the doors to its abandoned, tumbledown hospital. So if you happen to be a pronounced masochist then suit up, because the institution’s long, dark, ghost-stricken hallways are calling your name. With dilapidated walls and wheelchairs galore, Daylight joins the latest movement of survival horror bred advocates and invites yo...

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  • Daylight review round-up - mixed reviews for Zombie's supernatural thriller

    Zombie Studios supernatural thriller Daylight launches on Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 today and review scores have begun to trickle in. We’ll have our own review live shortly, but for now here’s a round-up of scores and opinions from around the web. VentureBeat – 60/10 &n...

  • PS4, PC title Daylight delayed until April 29

    If you were waiting for the horrors of Daylight on PlayStation 4 to scare you, you will be waiting just a bit longer. Originally scheduled to come out in a mere six days, Atlus and Zombie Studios have pushed back the release of Daylight to April 29th. According to Atlus' Twitter feed, the game will...

  • Keep PS4 turned on and check out PS blog today urges Zombie - Daylight free to PS Plus members?

    UPDATE - The news has been confirmed as extra content for Blacklight: Retribution, including new maps and game mode. Zombie Studios director Jared Gerritzen is teasing PS4 gamers on Twitter, suggesting that there’s going to be a big announcement on the U.S. PS Blog today. Posted yesterday, t...

  • Daylight gets a release date, pricing, and Twitch chat functionality

    Atlus and Zombie Studios revealed a batch of new details for Daylight. It will release on April 8 and will retail for $14.99 in North America. Zombie Studios has taken PS4 multimedia integration to a new level by allegedly allowing Twitch chat to cue in-game events in Daylight. “The example w...

  • Daylight PS4 release date confirmed, will spook up your spring

    Daylight, the upcoming PlayStation 4 and PC psychological horror title from Zombie Studios, will be released in April, according to IGN. Daylight runs on the Unreal Engine 4, and adheres to the same stripped-back gameplay style of Outlast and Amnesia. Players are thrust into an abandoned - and ha...

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