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Battlefield 4 (PS4)
Sub Genre:
First Person
Release Date (US):
November 15th, 2013
Release Date (UK):
November 29th, 2013
Online Players:
M [Mature]
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0 of 1166 Games
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Also available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

About Battlefield 4 (PS4)

The latest entry in the critically-acclaimed Battlefield franchise features an action-packed campaign offering stunning visuals and set-pieces. Meanwhile, the multiplayer component has been expanded and can now accommodate up to 64 players on next-generation consoles.



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Battlefield 4 visually captivates on PS4 in a way that even movies can learn from. Though the AI is still odd, the experience is nonetheless engrossing, especially after playing it on PS3.

We like

  • Single-player experience of titanic proportions
  • Visual mastery unmatched in shooters
  • Multiplayer at its best

We dislike

  • Simple AI for team and enemies

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What a wonderful time it is to be a gamer when video games can visually compare themselves to what can be found in a movie theater. Battlefield 4 on PlayStation 4 vivaciously delivers on all fronts, and the issues the PlayStation 3 version has are all but gone, leaving the AI the only thing left that could use some polish. The explosions are breathtaking—simply breathtaking. Watching things blow up in Battlefield 4 is a...

Battlefield 4 (PS4) News

  • Battlefield 4's Final Stand DLC delayed

    Electronic Arts’ Andrew Wilson has confirmed that the final expansion for Battlefield 4, titled Last Stand, has been delayed until Q3 2014. Originally scheduled for release in summer, the delay means that the DLC will now launch at some point between October and December 2014. The news ...

  • Battlefield 4 Dragon's Teeth DLC teaser trailer

    Battlefield 4’s fourth DLC pack, titled ‘Dragon's Teeth,’ is set for release for premium members on July 15 and then on the July 29 for non premium members. Developer DICE has released a 30 second teaser for the DLC which you can see below.   The trailer shows off the f...

  • Battlefield 4 launch quality was 'unacceptable,' concedes EA

    Electronic Art’s boss Andrew Wilson has admitted that the launch quality of Battlefield 4 was ‘unacceptable’. In an interview with Eurogamer, Wilson referred to the backlash from Battlefield fans regarding numerous bugs and stability issues that plagued the launch of the fourth nu...

  • Battlefield 4 Dragon's Teeth expansion weapons, gadgets, vehicles outed

    Battlefield 4 has seen regular paid DLC expansion packs ever since its release in 2013. So far, we've seen Second Assault, China Rising, and Naval Strike, with Dragon's Teeth and Final Stand around the corner. These expansions have brought new maps, guns, gadgets, assignments, dog tags, vehicles, as...

  • Battlefield 4 Megalodon easter egg uncovered

    The long sought-after easter egg has finally found. Megalodon, the gargantuan extinct shark, had been long rumored to roam the watery depths of Battlefield 4’s maps and new video evidence proves it to be rumor no longer. YouTube user “jackfrags” uploaded footage of the legendary c...

  • New Battlefield 4 Naval Strike trailer showcases Carrier Assault mode

    After a rocky start with the launch of Battlefield 4, developer DICE has been trying to clean it up as best as it can, squashing bugs and improving performance and network stability with hot-fixes or in named expansions, which also contain new maps, guns, camos, assignments and in the case of Nava...

  • Battlefield 4: Second Assault map pack now available on PS4

    The much-anticipated second expansion pack of Battlefield 4, entitled: ‘Second Assault’ has today deployed onto Sony’s PS4. Previously a timed-exclusive Xbox One expansion, Second Assault weighs in at a hefty 4754MB and contains four revamped maps from DICE’s previous bloc...

  • Latest Battlefield 4 PS4 update detailed

    On the official Battlelog forum, DICE has confirmed that a new update for the PlayStation 4 version of Battlefield 4 has gone live and is said to improve stability and fix numerous bugs and issues found within the game.  The shooter has come under severe scrutiny for the amount of issues peo...

  • Sponsored Video: AXE partners with EA for Battlefield 4 giveaway

    Male grooming brand AXE has teamed up with Electronic Arts to deliver a rather humorous Battlefield 4-inspired trailer which ties in with a Wal-Mart in-store promotion where consumers can win some Battlefield goodies and a trip to Germany. All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning some s...

  • Battlefield 4 PS4 update delayed for 'additional testing'

    The recently announced update for the PlayStation 4 version of Battlefield 4 will not be going live later today as previously told, DICE has confirmed. On the official Battlefield forum, DICE employee 'trydling' has said that, "the PS4 game update that was originally meant to go live Dec 3 is ...

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