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Kingdom Under Fire II
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Release Date (US):
Late 2014
Release Date (UK):
Late 2014
Online Players:
Phantagram / Blueside
RP [Rating Pending]
PSU Rank:
794 of 1166 Games
PSU Rank on PS3:
432 of 0 Games
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About Kingdom Under Fire II

Kingdom Under Fire II is an RTS for the masses that features both a single campaign mode as well as a MMO mode. Players can explore vast battlefields, experience unique gameplay and get lost in a new storyline, which introduces a third faction to the struggle between the Human Alliance and the Dark Legiona.

Kingdom Under Fire II News

  • Kingdom Under Fire II gameplay showcases PS4 power with explosive, large-scale battles

    A new extended gameplay trailer for Kingdom Under Fire II has been unleashed by Sony Computer Entertainment, showcasing how the PS4 copes expertly with the large-scale battles that players can expect when Blueside's action-RPG launches later this year. The following trailer was edited using in-ga...

  • Kingdom Under Fire PS4 looks better than PC version

    The producer behind Kingdom Under Fire 2 has revealed that the PlayStation 4 version of the upcoming MMORPG will boast “better graphics” than its PC counterpart. Speaking with, Sang-Yoon Lee expressed concerns that PC gamers will react angrily upon hearing about the visual impr...

  • Kingdom Under Fire 2 coming to PS4

    Blue Side has announced that Kingdom Under Fire 2 is coming to PlayStation 4. The developer responded to a fan question about a next-generation version on Twitter, writing, “We just announced the PS4 release news in Korea this morning.” The fantasy sequel has been a long time comin...

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