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MLB 14 The Show
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April 1st, 2013
Release Date (UK):
December 31st, 1969
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Sony San Diego
Sony Computer Entertainment America
E [Everyone]
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0 of 1166 Games
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Sony's exclusive baseball sim is hitting PS3 and PS Vita on April 1, 2014, with a PS4 release planned for May. Cross-save functionality and feature parity across all platforms.

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Not much keeps MLB 14 The Show on PS4 from being the very best it can be on almost all levels. Though some uncommon visual and network discrepancies linger, San Diego Studios raises the bar that it's set for the last eight years in baseball simulation.

We like

  • Authentic broadcast-level presentation
  • Actual online play works smoothly
  • Butter-smooth frame rate

We dislike

  • Peculiar network issues linger
  • Sporadic facial detail lowers realism
  • Lengthy install

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The pipeline of titles hitting PlayStation 4 keeps getting hot as more of them land on Sony’s flagship platform, and the newest AAA title carries the torch of the best baseball games for eight years running. For good reason, MLB The Show has yet to be dethroned, but as most gamers know, the tendency for high-fliers is that the quality of the franchise can flatline. Even with the technical competition that 2K Sports offer...

MLB 14 The Show News

  • MLB 14 The Show PS4 hits a home run, is fastest-selling game in franchise history

    Chris Cutliff, director of production at SCE San Diego Studio, today announced on the official PlayStation Blog that the PlayStation 4 version of MLB 14 The Show has fulfilled a chief milestone by becoming the fastest-selling game in franchise history. The latest entry in the celebrated MLB-centric...

  • MLB 14 The Show: 'Features and Enhancements' trailer shows off PS4 gameplay

    There's lots of PS4 gameplay footage of MLB 14 The Show to enjoy in this fresh trailer for Sony San Diego's seminal sports juggernaut. Notably, we get a glimpse at Quick Counts and Player Lock, two features Tim Nunes loved in our PS3 review that speed up games, giving players greater control over s...

  • MLB 14: The Show lines up for release on May 6

    Batter’s up folks! As the release date for the next-generation debut of the much-loved baseball-sim, MLB: The Show, has been announced. Confirmed via the game’s official Twitter, developer SCE San Diego Studio has pencilled in May 6 as the day gamers get to hit some dingers in its new...

  • [UPDATE] MLB 14 The Show will use DualShock 4 touchpad

    UPDATE: SCEA has reached out to PSU to advise that "any plans for the speaker (or any other DS4 functionality beyond the menu-centric touchpad usage) is only exploratory at this time." Therefore, comments about speaker functionality in the original story below were either misspoken or...

  • PS Plus not required for MLB 14 The Show roster updates, non-multiplayer online features

    During a press preview earlier this week, MLB 14 The Show game designer Ramone Russell confirmed to PSU that PlayStation Plus will not be required to enjoy non-multiplayer online functionality in this season's baseball sim. When asked if PS Plus would be required for roster updates, Russell replied...

  • MLB 14 The Show's PS4 graphics and new lighting engine are stunning

    While gameplay features and Cross-Save will help ensure a seamless baseball experience across all versions of MLB 14 The Show, there's one area where the PS4 version has its brothers handily beat: graphics. Specifically, MLB 14 The Show on PS4 will have a brand-new lighting engine with subsurface s...

  • MLB 14 The Show's new features: faster games, Community Challenges, Online Franchise, and more

    Longtime MLB The Show players might identify with a common criticism that Sony San Diego has taken to heart: games of The Show simply take too long to play. With MLB 14 The Show, the series' first PS4 installment, Sony San Diego hopes to change that perception and reality. During a demonstration of...

  • MLB 14 The Show release dates, feature parity, Cross-Save

    MLB 14 The Show, the first next-gen installment in Sony San Diego's critically revered baseball franchise, won't be coming to PlayStation 4 until sometime in May--at least one month after the league's opening weekend. Of course, if you absolutely can't wait for the PS4 version (or just want an earl...

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