Lemmings Touch Review: Not for Control Freaks

  • Posted June 3rd, 2014 at 15:15 EDT by John-Paul Jones

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A refreshing and modern take on a classic franchise, Lemmings Touch stands as a decent puzzler in its own right. Sometimes frustrating controls however, threaten to spoil what is otherwise an easy recommendation to Lemmings stalwarts and newbies alike.

We like

  • New gameplay elements expand the core Lemmings concept.
  • Audio-visual presentation is charmingly upbeat.
  • Levels are well-thought out and merit repeat play.

We dislike

  • Controls can be clumsy and cumbersome.
  • Later levels can become a real chore due to the above.

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As well as sheer satisfaction proving to be its own reward, completing each level also brings with it the more superficial prize of gold coins.  Once accrued, these coins can then be used to purchase new outfits and new colours for the marching rodents.  The amount of coins that you receive varies too, since there is a wide range of challenges which award different amounts.  These include such things as building a bridge over the exit, using a Lemming to self-explode to stop a red-haired Lemming and more.

Where Lemmings Touch stumbles a tad is in the controls.  The touch controls can sometimes feel unresponsive and it’s an issue which is most notable when the skill wheel is open and you’re trying to assign a skill to designated Lemming. The sluggishness also rears its ugly head from time to time if you’re trying to cancel the skill wheel altogether. It is an issue which is made worse in the later levels where every Lemming counts and multiple skills need to be assigned to multiple Lemmings in a short space of time.  Thankfully though, such clumsiness is partially mitigated by the pause function, permitting players to stop time in order to plan their next move.  While it isn’t the ideal solution to the problem, its presence is welcome nonetheless.

In terms of audiovisual presentation, Lemmings Touch duly impresses. With its sharp, colourful visuals and upbeat remixes of classical music, Lemmings Touch for the PlayStation Vita does justice to the charming aesthetics of the Psygnosis-developed original. The background visuals look especially eye-popping on Vita too, with a great deal of backdrops liberally drenched in a variety of hues and vivid styles. In truth, Lemmings Touch’s design DNA is such that it would find a comfortable home on just about any touchscreen-based mobile platform.  With such razor-sharp visuals and a larger interface though, it’s clear that the Vita version of the touchscreen based edition is the definitive one. Lemmings Touch is a solid puzzler and a worthy homage to a classic puzzler franchise. It just finds itself stuck sometimes due to occasional control-based frustrations which threaten to dampen the proceedings.

With a body composition approaching near 90% caffeine, John-Paul Jones is
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