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PlayStation 4
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November 15th, 2013
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November 29th, 2013
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Sony's PlayStation 4 is an enthusiastic return to form disguised as a powerful, accessible game console. Equal parts forward-thinking and traditional, PS4 makes few missteps on a path to greatness.

We like

  • Marvelous physical design
  • Connectivity and ease of use
  • Most powerful console hardware to date

We dislike

  • Lack of customization
  • Some features are missing essential components
  • Underused light bar, touchpad

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Editor Review Scores Kyle Prahl: 8.5 Sony's PlayStation 4 is a marvel of communication and connectivity. With a user interface and computer hardware that will undoubtedly power hundreds of riveting interactive experiences in the years to come, there are only a few hangups in the PS4 experience. Among them are a pervasive lack of customization and a couple features that don't quite meet the lofty standard of convenience set...

PlayStation 4 News

  • PS4 system software 1.75 coming soon, including 3D Blu-Ray support

    Sony announced that another update will be available soon for the PlayStation 4. PS4 update 1.74 went live yesterday, featuring improvements to system stability, and now the next-gen console is slated for another update. According to the official PlayStation UK Twitter page, it states:   C...

  • [UPDATE] PS4 update v1.74 to improve stability, will be out 'soon'

    UPDATE: The update is now live. - - - - - - - ORIGINAL STORY: Sony has announced on Twitter that PlayStation 4’s next system update will be up for download “soon.” The platform holder said that update v1.74 will improve “stability of some software,” and as such ...

  • PS4 outsells Xbox One in U.S. despite Microsoft's price drop

    PlayStation 4 enjoyed an enormously successful period across North America in June, with Sony’s next-generation home console once again eclipsing Xbox One in monthly sales for the six consecutive month. While the format holder neglected to divulge exact figures, it did reveal that PS4 rema...

  • Sony is targeting Wii owners with the PS4, says SCEI chief

    The president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) has said the console manufacturer is attempting to entice Wii owners with its latest home format, the PlayStation 4. Speaking at the Develop conference in Brighton earlier this month, Andrew House said that consumers who missed out ...

  • PS4 would have 'sucked' for gamers without a HDD, says Naughty Dog

    The billion-dollar decision to include a hard disk in the PlayStation 4 was definitely the right call to make, says Naughty Dog’s Drew Thaler, who reckons it would have ‘sucked’ for developers and gamers alike had Sony opted not to ship with one. Thaler’s comments come fol...

  • Sony's Mark Cerny shocked at how quick people are to write off consoles

    Speaking at the Develop conference in Brighton last week, PlayStation 4 Lead Architect, Mark Cerny, expressed his surprise at how soon folk are beginning to question whether or not we’ll see another console generation after this one. Speaking to IGN, Cerny observed how quick people are to ...

  • Sony considering early access for PS4

    The VP of developer and publisher relations for Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) has hinted the console maker is considering a Steam-like early access initiative for PlayStation 4. Speaking during an interview with Gamasutra, Boyes commented, “That’s one of the massive conve...

  • Frozen-themed PS4 coming to Japan

    Japan will be receiving a Frozen-themed PlayStation 4 on July 16, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan (SCEJ) has announced. The console will retail for 42,980 yen and comes kitted out in a lavish Anna and Elsa hard drive bay cover. While based on Disney's eponymous fairy tale movie, the Frozen...

  • Glacier White PS4 to get standalone release in Europe this year

    The Glacier White PlayStation 4 will receive a standalone release in Europe later this year, Shuhei Yoshida, the President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios (SCE WWS), has confirmed. Originally, the new SKU was only available as part of a PS4 hardware bundle with Destiny, the upco...

  • PS4 announced before Xbox One as Sony 'wanted to be first'

    The president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) has revealed that the platform holder announced the PlayStation 4 months before Xbox One as it wanted to be first out the door with a next-generation console unveiling. Speaking at the Develop Conference (via IGN), Andrew House com...

PlayStation 4 Features

  • Top 5 best-looking PS4 games so far

    Sony’s next-generation powerhouse has been on the market for around five months or so, and in that time has attracted praise for its eye-pleasing aesthetics, superb UI and host of social media integration. Of course, its hardware capabilities - specifically its ability to pump out sumptuous vi...

  • Fresh list of PS4 titles releasing in 2014

    Sony has released a full list of titles that are to release this year for the PlayStation 4. The list is comprised of some major titles, including Batman: Arkham Knight, Destiny, Watch Dogs, Transistor, and The Order: 1886. It's also broken down nicely into time frames--if the games have confirmed ...

  • PS4: the highs and lows of Sony's next-gen launch

    Sony kicked off the next-generation format war with the launch of the PlayStation 4 in the U.S. on November 15 and in Europe on November 29. By all accounts the release of the high-spec machine was a resounding successor, shifting over one million units in just 24 hours, and 250,000 units in the U.K...

  • PlayStation 4 Review: The Experience

    As we near the end of our five-part PlayStation 4 review, including the hardware, the user interface, and the features, we tonight examine the PS4 "experience." After all, boiling a console down to technical specifications and bulletpoints foils conversation about how it feels to own a PS4...

  • PlayStation 4 Review: The User Interface

    PlayStation 4 is here, and our five-part review of the console continues. All this week, we're covering different aspects of Sony's new gaming console. We've covered the hardware, and today, we discuss the user interface, but look forward to our reviews of the features and the experiece before we c...

  • PlayStation 4 Review: The Hardware

    PlayStation 4 is here, and like many of you, PlayStation Universe is diving into the new generation of PlayStation with reckless abandon. From sleepless nights to wild multiplayer sessions and Remote Play testing on the road, we've tested just about every aspect of the console and given three weeks ...

  • PS4: a list of known errors and how to fix them

    PlayStation 4 launched in North America today for $399, and while things seem to have gone very smoothly for Sony, there have invariably been a few hiccups as with any system launch. Users have been reported a number of issues regarding Sony’s next-generation console, some more serious than...

  • PS4 launch celebration LIVE on PSU - starting 12 AM Eastern

    This is it. The day has finally come. PlayStation 4 is here. People are lined up for blocks at retails stores nationwide. Others sit quietly at home, knowing their Day One systems are coming in the post tomorrow. And while not everyone is getting a PS4 at launch, everyone is watching with bate...

  • PS4 user interface and features: everything we know so far

    With so much coverage and promotional attention on PlayStation 4's lineup of Day One games, we've been anxiously awaiting any tasty morsel of information about PS4's user interface and operating system. From Remote Play to broadcasting live gameplay, from friend activity feeds to multitasking, promi...

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