E3 2014: Far Cry 4 Preview: How co-op and elephants change the game

The elephants of Far Cry 4 are extremely satisfying tools of destruction that control much like the normal character. Pressing L3 will cause the elephant to run and charge into doors, vehicles, and enemies. Pressing R3 will cause the elephant to perform a melee attack by picking foes up and throwing them into the air, grabbing them and slamming them into the ground, or flailing its trunk to send anything in its way flying. If you do end up wanting to get off your elephant (and really, why would you?), it will continue to wreak havoc on your enemies. But if you do anything to get its attention or upset it, it will quickly become your worst nightmare.

After our fun was had and the encampment was liberated, I asked more about the roles of animals in Far Cry 4 and how they have stayed the same or changed from the previous title. I was told that there are no longer caged animals that can be unleashed within encampments, but you will have the ability to acquire different kinds of bait to attract various animals, luring them to attack enemies for you. The most proudly stated of all creatures that can be used against your foes is the phoney badger. I can’t wait to see what unleashing a honey badger on a group of unwitting soldiers looks like. I also asked about the role of crafting in Far Cry 4 and if animal skins will be used as a esource like in Far Cry 3. Ubisoft isn't ready to talk about that yet, but on a loading screen seen during the demonstration, I clearly saw mention of using animal skins to create larger pouches for ammo and expanded holsters to carry more weapons, just like in Far Cry 3. Hopefully, the new location and and its wildlife will yield new craftable items that are unique to Far Cry 4.

Far Cry 4, by all measures, would seem to be a bigger and better Far Cry 3, and gamers everywhere should keep both eyes on this upcoming blockbuster title. It seems to have taken everything we loved from its predecessor and added convenient features (like the ability to shoot while driving), new vehicle types (helicopters and elephants!), and a cooperative emphasis that allows you and a friend to explore all of Kyrat together, at your leisure. I can’t wait to find out for myself what those mysterious mountains hold later this year.

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