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BioShock Vita [Working Title]
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BioShock Vita [Working Title] News

  • BioShock PS Vita unlikely to happen, was going to be turn-based RPG

    BioShock creator Ken Levine has indicated that the planned PlayStation Vita entry in the cerebral first-person shooter series is unlikely to materialize. Levine took to Twitter to discuss the project’s status, as well as divulging what he had in mind for BioShock’s handheld debut. ...

  • BioShock PS Vita still being pushed for by Ken Levine

    The creator of the BioShock franchise has revealed he’s still pushing to get the planned PlayStation Vita entry in the celebrated FPS series off the ground. BioShock PS Vita was first announced at Sony’s E3 press conference in 2011 by Ken Levine himself, who also took the time to conf...

  • BioShock PS Vita 'out of my hands,' says Ken Levine

    Irrational Games overlord Ken Levine has said that BioShock on PlayStation Vita is out of his hands until a firm deal between Take-Two and Sony has been cemented. The handheld entry in the popular first-person shooter series was announced at E3 2011, but nothing on the game has been heard since. ...

  • Ken Levine: BioShock Vita will be 'a little different'

    BioShock father Ken Levine has said that the forthcoming PlayStation Vita entry in the critically lauded franchise will be 'a little different' to what players have come to expect.  Speaking to the chaps at Joystiq, Levine expressed his desire to take a more experimental approach with the game...

  • E3 2011: BioShock for Vita is a competely new project

    The planned BioShock title for PlayStation Vita won’t be a port of an existing game in the series but an entirely new project, developer Irrational Games has revealed. Chatting with IGN, Levine said the game has been built completely from the ground up for Sony’s new pocket brick. ...

BioShock Vita [Working Title] Features

  • BioShock PS Vita: Should we be worried?

    Remember when Ken Levine stepped on stage at Sony’s E3 2011 presser and announced he was making a BioShock game for PlayStation Vita? Well, you’d be forgiven for wondering what happened to the pocket-sized entry in this acclaimed franchise, because we’ve heard nothing of it since. ...

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