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Lair Cheats

on 3 September 2007


Enter into the game's cheat menu:

*chicken - Chicken Curry Video
*686F7420636F66666565 - Hot Coffee video
*koelsch - Unlocks Stable option for all levels on the mission select screen

Play Lair on PSP

You actually can play Lair on your PSP. Connect your PSP via Remote Play, click and the Lair disc (assuming it's in your PS3), and get going! Unfortunately, there are multiple restrictions including the non-functioning of the PSP's L and R buttons, meaning you can't lock onto enemies, slow down when flying, hover or land. Also, you don't have to use Sixaxis to control your dragon anymore. Instead, you can use the PSP's analog stick. However, the entire game (except the tutorial) is technically beatable on your PSP.