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Dead Space 3 - Cheat codes and unlockables

on 14 March 2013

Need help, tips or cheats for Dead Space 3? Want to find out how to unlock all the goodies? Check out the Dead Space 3 tip page.

Unlockable items from game save files

- N7 Armour

Use a Dead Space 2 game save to unlock these item.

- Planet Cracker Plasma Cutter 

- Use a Mass Effect 3 save file to unlock this item and get it when you reach the first workbench


+3 Clip circuit set - beat the game on casual difficulty.
+3 damage circuit set -  beat the game on impossible difficulty
+3 reload circuit set - beat the game on normal difficulty
+3 speed circuit set - beat the game on hard difficulty
Builder's Circuit Set - Collect all 12 Blueprints
Comms Circuit Set - Collect all 36 Audio Logs
Crafter's Circuit Set & Deep Dig Suit - Collect all 73 Weapon parts
Devil Horns - Beat Classic mode in New Game+
Devil's Horns - Beat the game on classic mode.
Earthgov, Unitology, S.C.A.F., and Alien Circuit Sets - Collect all of the specific set of artifacts
Engineering Suit - Beat the game on any difficulty
Flight Suit - Collect all 40 artifacts
Hostile Enviornment Suit - Finish all 10 optional missions in co-op mode
Mega Resources Deposit - Beat Pure Survival mode in New Game+
Mk-II Overclock Parts Set - Beat Pure Survival mode in New Game+
Mk-II Overclocked Attachment Set - Collect all 61 Circuits
MK-II Overclocked Frame Set - Complete all 10 optional missions
MK-II Overclocked Module Set - Collect all 71 logs
Mk-II Overclocked Tip Set & flight Suit - Collect all 40 artifacts
Research Circuit Set - Collect all 35 Text Logs
Retro Mode - Beat Hardcore mode in New Game+

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