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Rampage World Tour Cheats

on 2 June 2007

Iron Stomach
This cheat is only available each time you return to a US City after taking a World Tour. It allows all food to be digestable. It also means that normal items that would make one of the monsters puke before, will now restore some health like normal food.

* George: Hold Down and press Jump button 3 times
* Lizzy: Hold Down and press Punch button 3 times
* Ralph: Hold Down and press Kick button 3 times

Triple Score For Health Powerups
Enter the code for the respective character after the jumbo jet ride before the world tour begins.

* George: Press and Hold Up, then press Jump, Jump, Jump
* Lizzy: Press and Hold Up, then press Punch, Punch, Punch
* Ralph: Press and Hold Up, then press Kick, Kick, Kick