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Tekken Tag Tournament Cheats

on 30 November 2000

Tekken Tag Tournament Cheats

Theatre Mode:

Beat Arcade Mode once with any character.

Gallery Mode:

Unlock Devil (See 'Unlockable Characters' below)

Tekken Bowl Mode:

Unlock Ogre (See 'Unlockable Characters' below)

Juke Box (Tekken Bowl)

Score approximately 200 points or higher in Tekken Bowl Mode.

Play as Tiger Jackson:

Press the Start button when selecting Eddy Gordo. Tiger employs the exact same moves as Eddy.

Play as Angel:

Press the Start button when selecting Devil. Angel utilizes the exact same moves as Devil.

Armor King’s Alternate Costume:

Successfully beat Arcade Mode with Armor King. When selecting him thereafter, press the Start button to fight in a new costume.

Start Game With Second Character (Tag Battles Only)

Hold down the Tag button and then press start before a match. You will then start as your second fighter when the round begins.

Low Parry:

Press the direction pad in a down/forward motion when your opponent attempts to connect with a low blow to parry it.

Unlockable Characters:

Successfully complete arcade mode with any character to unlock one of the hidden characters. Another character will be unlocked each time the game is completed, in the following order:

-Bruce Irvin
-Lee Chaolan
-Wang Jinrey
-Roger & Alex
-Kuma & Panda
-Kazuya Mishima
-True Ogre
-Prototype Jack
-Mokujin & Tetsujin
-Devil & Angel