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The sleek Move Charge Station that deserves your $20

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on 14 December 2010

Move introduced a whole new audience to the PlayStation 3, and while rival Microsoft’s Kinect currently seems to have nabbed the media spotlight, Sony’s motion-controller has nonetheless managed to penetrate millions of homes worldwide. Racking up global shipments of more than four million after launching back in September 2010, Move is clearly quite popular. Motion technology is a hot commodity these days, and is unlikely to let up any time soon. As such, with the holidays fast approaching, we think you can expect a deluge of wand-shape wrappings to start cropping up under Christmas Trees as holiday buyers capitalize on gaming’s latest craze.

If you’re one of the many gamers who already own Sony’s motion-sensing peripheral (or are planning on getting one) and are looking for an easy way to charge your Move and navigation controllers, look no further than the stylish Charge Station from Nyko. There are two versions available—the standard 2-port Charge Station and a 4-port Charge Station Quad—and both offer an easy-to-use solution to charging multiple Move products.

So, how does the Charge Station differ from Sony Computer Entertainment’s models? Simple: the 4-port Charge Station Quad from Nyko costs $29.99 USD, the same price as the 2-port version from Sony. Alternatively, you can also pick up Nyko’s 2-port version for a mere $20.  

We’ve had some time to use the Charge Station Quad and have found it extremely simple to use. The docking station uses AC power, leaving the USB ports free on the PS3. Since I own an ‘old school’ PS3 with only two USB ports, having another charging option for my Move controllers makes life a lot easier—after all, the PlayStation Eye occupies one USB port, while the other is filled up when playing games like DJ Hero 2 or Rock Band 3.

While we’ll concede that not everyone will be fussed about having free USB ports on their system, the charging station possesses numerous other advantages, too. Perhaps the biggest advantage is that Move controllers charge a lot faster in the docking station as opposed to being plugged in to a PS3; we charged two completely drained Move controllers in about two hours.

The design also fits well with the actual Move controller and the PS3. There are LED light indicators for each motion controller—they are red during charging and white when fully charged. You can slip the wrist strap through slots on the rear of the sturdy plastic charging tube.  

We did find one slight issue with the docking station. On occasion, the controllers did not charge because they were not properly lined up in the tube area, but it was easy to tell if there was a problem, as the LED would turn blue if no controller was detected.

Overall, the Charge Station from Nyko offers an easy-to-use and convenient solution for anyone who wants to power multiple Move controllers. The sleek design marries perfectly with other PlayStation accessories, and with a low price tag, this is a great holiday gift. Interested in checking out the Charge Station? We’ll have you covered soon when we give away one Charge Station. Stay tuned for further details.