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Best Action-Adventure Game -- PSU 2010 Game Awards

on 7 February 2011

The nominees for Best Action-Adventure Game of 2010 are... 

And the winner is...

Though it faced some tough competition in 2010, Rockstar San Diego's Red Dead Redemption absolutely blew us away with its engaging plotline, sumptuous visuals, and intense action sequences. Like many games nowadays, Red Dead Redemption astounds at first sight, but its subtleties continue impress five, ten, even twenty hours into the experience (we still can't get over the game's gorgeous day/night cycle). With all sorts of characters and critters scurrying around, Rockstar's Old West is expansive but certainly not desolate; in fact, the world positively teems with life. Toss in a superb soundtrack, a comprehensive morality system, and a fantastic suite of multiplayer options; the end result is a polished, creative take on the open-world genre that redefines the western. John Ford would be proud.

And the Community Award goes to...

The PSU community saw it fit to bestow the vengeful Kratos with the community award for Best Action-Adventure Game of 2010, awarding God of War III a sizable 48.1% of the overall votes in the category. Red Dead Redemption lassoed the silver medal, accumulating 26.9% of the votes. Ezio and his comrades just barely snuck onto the podium; 16.7% of votes went to Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. Bayonetta and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow split the remaining votes, 4.6% for the former and 3.7% for the latter.

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Our unbiased editorial team selected all PlayStation Universe 2010 Game Award nominees and recipients. The PSU.com community voted on each group of nominees to determine the Community Award(s) for each category. Only games available on a PlayStation platform (PlayStation 3, PlayStation Network, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 2) were eligible for a PlayStation Universe 2010 Game Award.