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Best Single-player Experience -- PSU 2010 Game Awards

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on 7 February 2011

The nominees for Best Single-Player Experience of 2010 are... 

And the winner is...

Sony Santa Monica's titanic God of War III thundered onto the gaming scene in March 2010, taking cinematic gaming to wild new heights. With a brilliant in-house engine powering the adventure, Kratos' final epic sucks gamers into a brilliantly realized universe, adamantly refusing to loosen its grip until gamers reach its riveting conclusion. The core gameplay treads familiar ground — though it's notably refined — while the game's sense of scale and visual flair are absolutely unprecedented. The 10 hour adventure ran its course in the blink of an eye — after which, we began chugging our way up Mount Olympus once again. Zeus had it coming.

And the Community Award goes to...

Though a downpour of support rained in for Quantic Dream's dynamic Heavy Rain, Sony Santa Monica's epic God of War III won the community award for Best Single-player Experience. Kratos collected a chunky 37.4% of user ballots, while 25.2% of voters sprang for Heavy Rain. Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption snagged a sizeable 22.4% of votes, while Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and Final Fantasy XIII each acquired 7.5% of votes.

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